Saturday, July 11, 2015

Project Life 2015 ~ May 16 - 31

I am still away and it is a good time to catch up with my post.....

Project Life 2015

May 16
We leave Papi with Clare and Jared this morning and drive to Yosemite National Park, this is the little hotel we stayed at Mariposa. They are pet friendly, now we know we can bring Papi next time.

Yosemite is awesome, it has a lot of water falls, you can see more photos I posted much earlier HERE and HERE.

I just love being surrounded by lots of green.

May 17
We spent the early part of our 2nd day at Yosemite, and then drive to CalArts to pick Papi up, boy... Clare and Jared has been taking him out for walks, he was so tired and slept all the way at the backseat from Valencia, CA to Vegas.

May 18
Papi was so wore out that he continue to sleep the first half of the day after he came home from Clare and Jared's place. We thought that our little boy was sick at first, but then in the afternoon, after he got all rested and recovered, he is back to that spunky little Papi again.

May 19
Back home, back to my kitchen, and back to baking bread again, today is sausage roll. It is very common in Singapore that we eat sausage roll for breakfast, just that we don't have to bake it ourselves as bread shops are all over the place in Singapore.

May 20
I did some garden work today, my pepper, cherry tomato and spring onions are all doing well....

the zinnia I put in a while ago is starting to sprout too.

May 23
We have a little party here at home with some friends from Indonesia, it was fun, I made a beach and strawberry jelly, delicious!

May 28
It was my birthday, we went to Postrio at The Venetian for my favorite roasted chicken but only found out that they closed down for good, what a pity, so we went to Otto instead, Otto is also one of our favorite at The Venetian.

May 29
Dolce came back from NYC for summer break, this girl won't let anyone take her picture, I am so mad at her : 0

May 31
This is the first day we feel the summer weather here, this summer has been mild so far until today.


This time I am really behind my project life, it is 2nd week of July and I just now finish posting my May spread, and I am still on vacation, guess I have tons to picture to craft when I get home.


Tieva Design said...

You always share those wonderful photos with us... thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this wonderful pictures!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love these pages!! Fabulous photos!!!!!!

Sylvia said...

Beautiful photos, Kirsty, I do love your puppy ones! Your sausage rolls look wonderful and I am very hungry! Happy Saturday!

Adam said...

I've never brought my dog to a hotel before. I'd be a little cautious too. She gets very lonely and if she thought she'd she was in a new place all alone, she'd probably end up crying the whole time we were gone.

We took her several hundred miles to my brother's old house before he moved. All she did in that backyard was whine.

Heather McMahon said...

Wow - what a fabulous trip! Great PL pages too!

Andie Miller said...

Great photos. Catching up is good. Enjoy your time away.

Ros Crawford said...

LOvely photos Kirsty! TFS

Greta said...

You take such great pictures, Kirsty, & love how you do your PL! Papi is so cute--glad he had fun while you were at Yosemite! Hope your trip is going well--anxious to hear what the doc says.

Audrey Pettit said...

Love your PL pages, Kirsty! Adorable!

Stella said...

Kirsty take time; life is busy and just continue your PL when you are in the mood and when you have time. I love your photos!

Denise van Deventer said...

Loving your photo and beautiful spreads! You are really now the master in the kitchen with bread...those sausage rolls look divine! I am still to try your bread recipe....but time has been very limited lately! LOL