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Our Beautiful World 105 ~ Countryside

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I am a city girl, grew up in a city island and spent 13 years in United States, another big city Manhattan and now Las Vegas, countryside is a rare sight so whenever I see one, I'll catch it with my camera... this one is in California, on our way to Yosemite National Park.

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Updates from Singapore

Thank you to all you lovely for caring and asking about my medical situation, I am so glad to tell you that it was a minor problem after doing the upper endoscopy, it was Acid Reflux that causes the muscle tension around my neck, change of diet patten and a little medication should solved the problem, whew..... 

And I am so glad that I am able to eat again, to be true with you, I was worrying about the worst and thinking that I might not be able to enjoy any food. Singapore is such a food heaven, DH's favorite is that every corner you are able to get cut fruits like that for as low as $3.

the hotel we stay is just 3 minutes walk from Marks and Spencer, my favorite store while I lived here in Singapore, my sweet friend Ros knew that and she always send something from UK for me knowing that we don't have M&S in United States, so I asked DH to take this picture just for you ROS!!!!
And you know I already stock up the cookies from M&S!

besides cookies from M&S, my other favorite place is cosmetic shop Etude House, it is a Korean brand and I just love it, our hotel is near to ION, the shopping mall, and Etude House has a store there with this sweet thing that I my camera can't miss it.

Orchard road is all dressed up in red and white as Singapore will be celebrating the big 50 next month

Clare is back for the SG 50 (Singapore being independence for 50 years) concert, Mr. Tan, her music composition teacher when she was 8 doesn't know she is coming back for Mahler Symphony concert, when Clare approached him, he couldn't recognize her and he was shocked when told that the little 8 year old girl in front of him is the same girl he taught 15 years ago. (Photo taken during rehearsal)

The concert last night was beautiful, this is the photo I took before it started.

at home, Papi is very clingy, I think he felt in-secured when I am gone and follow Dolce everywhere she goes..... awww.... sweet little boy

thanks for stopping by and once again, thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts!


Greta said...

I'm so happy it's a simple problem, Kirsty! Now you can enjoy the rest of your trip. How exciting for Clare to play with the symphony & great picture! Darling picture of Papi--he's going to be so glad when you get home! Love the California barn picture!

Tieva Design said...

Thanks for the pictures... you must be very proud of Clare!!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Oh how amazing is that gorgeous carriage!!! Thanks for sharing these photos!

mandysea said...

very patriotic barn!! WOW on the concert and how wonderful for your daughter to meet up with her teacher all these years later.
Papi will be one happy little puppy when you get home!

Ros Crawford said...

YAY!! I am so happy for you that the problem was nothing serious!! I'm sure I could put on a ton of weight in Singapore!! Love that photo of the stars and stripes building and M&S!!! How funny!! Thank you!
Oh that concert must have been wonderful ... you must be one proud Mother and deservedly so ... She's one lovely lady your daughter. All your photos are wonderful and sweet Papi ... awww!

Andie Miller said...

So glad to hear your health concerns are relatively minor. Enjoy all that delicious food! Great photos, love to see Papi even if he is mopey :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So happy they were able to diagnose the problem and had a solution!!! That's wonderful!! LOVING all the photos!!!!!!!!

Victoriya N said...

Thank you very much, Kirsty, for sharing such amazing Pictures! )) Have a nice Weekend and take care! ))

Anonymous said...

Kirsty- thaks for sharing this wonderful pictures with us!

Adam said...

sweet picture of papi

Davi said...

The barn is a cool country pic Kirsty! So glad to hear that good news about your throat. Love when you share your Singapore pics, so lovely! Now you have to get home to sweet Papi :)

alexandra s.m. said...

I love it when you share pictures of your life and we can travel with you ;)
Thank You!

Audrey Pettit said...

I am so very glad to hear your news, Kirsty! I know you are so relieved, and can now enjoy your wonderful vacation to the fullest! Such a beautiful place! I love to see all your photos!

Stella said...

I am so happy to hear that there is no severe problem. Enjoy eating in Singapore and hence the gain of weight :)
The photo of the stars and stripes building is fabulous.
I've been to M&S too when I was in Liverpool in April earlier this year; such a great shop!
And the must have been a wonderful evening and you must be a proud mum. Clare is privileged to have a mum who supports her and does so much for her. Have a fab time and enjoy the rest of your days!

Maria said...

Wonderful photos...looks like a marvelous time!! And, so happy that your medical problem is solved and that you can enjoy eating once again!:-)

Denise van Deventer said...

Beautiful pbhoto's and love that one of the barn! ;-) You are so lucky to travel and see so many beautiful and interesting places! ;-)

Manuela said...

great post and what a lovely carriage! Yes the fruits are so delicious there.
What a cute shot from Papi :-)
Hope you are feeling better now!

Lorraine said...

I agree - beautiful photos. I would have to stop and capture that building too. Looks like you're having a wonderful trip.