Monday, July 25, 2016

PTI Stamp-a-faire (post 2)

It is getting too close to dateline, I have another card for...

This time the challenge is to used watercolor

playing with watercolor is one of my favorite thing to do now

 and before you go, I want you to meet....


more story later...

PTI Stamp-a-faire 2016 (post 1)

Although I have been a big fan of PTI and have been accumulating my PTI products for years, I never have a chance to participate in PTI Stamp-a-faire, mostly because it is always in the summer and a lot of time I was on the road, this year, I finally home during PTI Stamp-a-faire 2016 event, so I get to played in my craft room a little bit yesterday.

The challenge I played along is....

I picked this photo Kay Miller used

and used one of my old PTI stamp set called Botanical Silouette

play with the images with ink and glimmer mists....

the sentiments are also from PTI....


Since SAF 2016 is almost ending, I need to take a farewell selfie with my make too


Happy Birthday Stella!

I have a card today for my friend Stella!

Happy Birthday Stella!

 I hope you stop by Stella's blog to send her a big cyber birthday hug!


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Our Beautiful World 157 ~ Baking

Yesterday was Lione's birthday, since he is here in Vegas, I did some BAKING for him....

unfortunately, we are too excited eating the cake, so I forget to take a before picture of the cake....

I managed to save a piece and bring it outdoor for better picture...

 somebody also had a little birthday cake on the same day....

Papi is celebrating his birthday this month too, he is now three! 

Baking is something fun I like to do....

but I don't do that as much as I wish because when there is just DH and I at home, we couldn't finish the things I baked most of the time, mainly because I only eat the freshest bake stuff, I would still eat them on the 2nd day but 3rd day, hmmm....

If you have something related to BAKING, why don't share it with us at


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Project Life 2016 ~ May 20 to 22

Project Life 2016

May 20
Early morning today, I dropped Papi off at Doggie Oasis, the day care/boarding that he will stay for three days when we are gone. I am so so sad.....

I got to the airport at 7AM and on my way to New York City for Dolce's graduation, DH flew to Boston on Monday for work and we will meet in NYC.
Whenever I get a chance on my phone, I would look at the papi cam to see what is my baby boy doing...

 sometimes he is curious and want to make friends with others...

but a lot of the time, he would just stand there and stare at the gate, maybe he is thinking "when is mom coming to pick me up?" I feel so so sad leaving him there but I have no other choice since both DH and I, plus Clare will be all in NYC for Dolce's graduation.

I arrived in New York around 5, but got stuck in traffic for more than 2 hours, it is dinner time by the time I got to our friend's house. Imran is a vendor and friends who worked for DH, we knew Imran more than ten years, every time we come back to the city, he also invited us to stay with him, but we never did. This time because Dolce's campus is in Queens, so we finally agreed to stay with Imran.

Imran and his family are from Iran, they moved here for a better life, hard working and honest people, he works 18 hours a day just to provide for his family, it is sad for me to hear their kids talking about the election at dinner, that if Mr. T was elected, they will have to stop school, or even move out of America, how sick the country is that a 7 year old has to fear for his future just because they are immigrants, just because they are Muslim.

May 21
Graduation is tomorrow, we have a free day today, Imran assigned one of his driver to take care of us the whole day, so we go into the city. High Line has been one of the places I wanted to visit, it wasn't there when we lived in NYC, and every time I came back here, there is just too many things to do on the list, we finally made it to High Line this time. 
I have a post on High Line few days ago, you can check out more pictures of High Line if you are interested.

High Line is a piece of GREEN build in the hustle and bustle of NYC...

after High Line, we walked a big loop to Chelsea Market, we passed by Chelsea Piers....

I used to take Dolce to Chelsea Piers for her gymnastic training, 3 times a week, rain or shine, I still remember those days, especially in the cold winter nights, I just wish that I don't have to do that, but what do you do, a Mother supposed to provide whatever best for their kids, Dolce loves gymnastic when she was young, even when times were rough, she won't quit, so as mother, I just have to push myself to go on.

Chelsea Market was here when I lived in NYC, but I haven't been here...

I just love market places, but we don't have a lot of time because we want to go to China Town for our favorite soup dumplings...

soup dumplings and spicy cabbage from Joe's Shanghai is a MUST whenever we come back to NYC

it is such a luxury to have a driver taking you wherever you want.... after lunch we went to Freedom tower to see the reflection pool...

May 22
Today is Dolce's graduation day, it was raining so it took some of the fun away...

I am so proud of my baby girl, she just turn 21 in May, and she received her Bachelor degree with highest honor (Summa Cum Lande is what they announced it)

After graduation, we went out for lunch and then back to Imran's house to pick up our bags, we are on the way to Europe!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Project Life 2016 ~ May 8 to 19

I am so behind with so many things, and don't have time to take part in challenges anymore, it was hard! I still read some of the blog and saw many interesting challenges that I wish to take part but I just couldn't find time nor energy to do them at this point.
I am also behind on my project life, I very much would love to document my life in the form of photo journal, and fear that the longer I wait, I might forget some of the details, especially I just had a month-long trip late May and into June, there are so much I want to put into my photo journal, AKA project life, but just couldn't find time.

Well, I managed to go to my craft room last weekend, so here you go...

Project Life 2016

May 8
Today is Mother's Day, I wasn't feeling so well (sad face)

May 9
I finally get the last bit of the trip plan done, I have been working for days, and wasn't so lucky with a lot of accommodation arrangement in Europe, finally found a place in London.

We gave Papi a REAL bone today, boy, he was happy like a happy dog!

he likes it so much and took the bone upstairs and trying to hide it from us.

Because Papi has been marking lately, we put him in his play pan when we go out....

 in the beginning, we found this when we came home....

but we found that he was out of the play pan when we came home, we don't know how he did it?
 the play pan was completely out of shape, but the 3rd or 4th time, he was outside the play pan when we got home, we don't even know how did that happen?

May 10
We took Papi to Doggie District for a trial today, a day care that he might stay for 3 nights when we all go to New York City for Dolce's graduation some time soon.
DH and I took a tour at the place, and within a few minutes, we saw other dogs humping on Papi, we felt that he would be bullied, so we asked to go in to look at him for a second time, I think the staff wasn't too happy, and I also felt that they only put up a show when there are visitors because when we asked to go in for the second time, she kind of speak in a high tone and loud voice to alert the staff inside saying "parents coming in again!!!", so the staff inside all stand by their location with the dogs, I think they are all indoor and let the dog do what they want when no one is looking, so I don't really feel so good.
We supposed to leave Papi there for at least three hours, an hour later, they sent an email of Papi to me, well, you know I don't really fancy all that superficial thing, the important thing I am looking for in a dog day care is that they treated our baby with care, I don't need those photo that don't really mean a thing.

at the end of the trial session, we were also given a report card and a treat bag

We don't really care about these stuff since we don't feel good about leaving Papi there, we will continue to look for other pet hotel/day care

May 14
Today's is Dolce's birthday, I sent her a care package few days ago.
Today is also the last day of my Saturday Chinese Class, I took a photo with all my little ones.

When we came home today, we found Papi outside his play pan again, this is the 3rd time he get out of there and we still don't know how he did it.

May 16
We visited two more Pet day care today, the first one is Las Vegas Dog Resort, the place is nice and clean, the dog have their own room and cute little bed, however, DH felt that the staff working there don't look that happy so we decided to go take a look at Doggie Oasis.
Doggie Oasis is quite small, but we decided on that one because DH thinks at least the staff look upbeat and happy, and the big plus is that they have camera in all three rooms so we could see Papi online, and we could pay for an app on our phone and we could see him wherever we are, we will take Papi there for a trial tomorrow.

May 17
Papi went to Doggie Oasis for his trial, DH took a photo online when Papi and I were at Doggie Oasis. He was just sniffing all over the place while I was filling out the paper work.

We have to leave him there for at least three hours, when I was home, I just glue my eyes on my computer and watch him, at first he was all excited, just like going to the dog park, he wants to play with every dog, and then we saw other dogs hump on him again, and there is one little dog just keep nipping on him, : (.... I felt so sad...
 and then Papi pee and poop in the room, that is so very rude Papi!

May 18
Today is the grand opening of IKEA Las Vegas location, I have been waiting for today for two whole year. Since I drop DH at the airport, I just stop by, there were a lot of people already in line when I got there at 7:55 AM.

What you see here is the tail end of the line.....

30 minutes later, the line has a few lap....

 they open at 9 AM sharp, even though I was there at 7:55, I am not even in the first 1000 people in line

May 19
Today is the last day I am home with Papi, I will be leaving tomorrow for NYC, Europe and Singapore, it is going to be more than one month, I will miss my baby boy!

 Thanks for stopping by, I will be back for more if I can find time to play in my craft room!