Sunday, November 23, 2014

Our Beautiful World 74 ~ Typical November

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Typical November

Here in Las Vegas on a typical November day, we just need a light cardigan or knit wear like these....

day time high is around 60s and night time probably in the low 50s, can't complain!

well, where I am right now is not the case.... last night was 8 degree and it is only fall, sigh....
We arrived here in Iowa late Friday afternoon after 23 hours of driving, Saturday was the funeral of my brother-in-law Dan, we all feel so sad..... but I am glad that he is not suffering anymore. You will be missed Dan!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

PTI Make it Monday #189 ~ Impression Line Water Coloring

Sad News....

We learn that my brother-in-law Dan had just passed on Wednesday evening, DH and I packed right away, drove 4 hours to flagstaff, Arizona, arrived almost 4 AM, rest for the night and then continue to drive again the next morning. Through the state line of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and stopping for a night at Wichita, Kansas for a night as I am typing this, we will continue to drive through Missouri and the Iowa, should be in Cedar Rapids in the late afternoon on Friday, so please excuse me if you don't see me around much the next few days, here's the pre-scheduled post


The Challenge:

PTI Make it Monday #189 ~ Impression Line Water Coloring

as you can see, instead of using PTI die "JOY" to cut out the word, I embossed it instead

and then I used PTI Ink scarlet jewel to color the word

after I let it dry for a day, I then play with some water color around the word JOY

next is to stamp the sentiment "to the world" at the bottom, this is the mini stamp set for the matching die

even the glittered star is a cut out from one of PTI snowflake die

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Moxie Fab World Challenge: Tree-mendous Trees

The Challenge:

I love glittery christmas tree, do you?



Last weekend, we went to Frankie Avalon's Concert, it was great, can't really tell he is already 74!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

City Crafter Challenge Blog 238 ~ Just A Word

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Make a project with just ONE word sentiment

Fall semester of the class I am teaching is ending, I made these cards for the adorable kids in my class to take home....

Hop over to City Crafter Challenge Blog and check out the lovely work from -

our guest designer - 

CCCB Designers

Monday, November 17, 2014

Project Life 2014 ~ October 1 - 12

Project Life 2014

I am using Becky Higgins Honey Edition for my October spread

October 3

My friends Bill, Joyce, Anna and Moses came over for dinner, we had hot pot and I had fall setting for the guest

October 4

The Singapore Club has a "Meeting New Members" event.

October 7

When we were gone the last time, Papi went under the couch to chew up the canvas at the bottom, we bought a gate and put it up between the dinning and the living area now, and he has been able to get over to the other side of the gate, the things is, the gate looks "un-touch", so we are trying to figure out how he get over to the other side without pushing the gate down, it is a mystery for now!

October 8

Papi went to Banfield for his annual check up, the house is so quiet without him even though he hardly make a noise when he was home.

I need to show you the photo of Papi in my old t-shirt, so funny and yet so cute!

October 9

My husband puts up 4 bricks against the gate today, hopefully he won the battle with smart Papi.

October 11

I put in some new vegetables in our garden after our gardener fixed the irrigation system

On the side - I've never participate in any project life challenges before simply I don't know where to find them, but nah, I finally know of one place - Amiche di Scrap, for October/November, they have a PL challenge that required to used DOILY on your page, so here's mine!

Linking the following page with Amiche di Scrap Project Life Challenge #10

they are mixed green, cilantro, tomato and Thai basil, I am happy to report that they are growing well, look much better today then I first planted them.

October 13

Sur la Table open a new location in Las Vegas, Downtown Summerlin, which is only less than 10 minutes drive from my place, and I am so happy that they have cooking classes here. Sometime ago when I received email from Sur la Table, I always admired those living in LA, San Francisco and San Diego, I even have the thought of driving there just for classes. I wrote to them about cooking classes here in Las Vegas, their reply was the store on the Strip right now doesn't have a kitchen so they really can't do classes, so you can imagine how happy I was when I found out that Sur la Table Downtown Summerlin finally is here, the best thing is, their cooking classes for the first 2 weeks of opening are all $19.95 verses the usual $69-$110, that is a real bargain, I signed up for 3 classes immediately.

My first class at Sur la Table is

French Macarons, see my happy face there in the picture?

I made these in class....

some more photos I took with my phone in class

My brother-in-law Steve is in town, so we went to the Mirage and meet him up for a few hours. The same night, my husband and I went to a Japanese dessert place called Raku Sweets. It is an unique experience, even though the dessert cost way more than the dinner we had at Red Lobster this evening, but sitting there at the high counter, watching the chef preparing our dessert, it is like a form of art, so entertaining.

First they bring out the menu, roll up with a ring similar to a napkin ring, so we read the menu printed in gold, and after we placed our order, the bring out a plate with a splash of jam, they said it is apricot jam and you may EAT your menu, we then realized that the menu is edible, and the ring is actually cookie, we tear the menu in small pieces and eat it with the apricot jam, fun!

this is my dessert, the name is mount Fuji, it took the chef 10 minutes to make 2 dessert, one for me and one for my husband, I don't even know how to describe this, it is like a small piece of sponge cake in the middle, and then top with layers and layers of chestnut cream squeeze out from this thingy looks like the play dough machine my kids play when they were young, LOL! And the fall leaves is super thin chocolate cookie.

my husband had the Red Rock, it is like chocolate lava cake only it is red, the web like thing you see on top of the cake is sugar, we saw her boil the sugar and then play with it with a rolling pin and form this web ball, a lot of work for sure. I love the pistachio ice crea, on the side and almond flakes, yum!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Our Beautiful World 73 ~ Sport

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I was in New York City early this week, and visited Bryant Park like always, saw this and thought it might be good for this week's OBW post.

kind of fun huh...

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