Thursday, June 30, 2011

About me ~ Mini album for Clare

I have a few of these Maya Road tin box and not sure what I can do with it until I saw this lovely creation from Lauren Bergold, hey, my Clare is going to collage soon, why don't I make this mini album in the tin box for her to take to school! : ) And when she misses her mummy (????) she can have a little piece of mummy's work of heart with her : )


and after......

I am linking this altered tin box with
this week's challenge is altering any kind of box

and in this tin box, is a mini album ABOUT CLARE

the empty "round" is to let her write or paste anything she likes
and the photo on the left is Clare and her sister Dolce driving a buggy at Steve's farm

here's another empty page for her to jot down her 10 favorite collection, boy, I am not sure if she is going to list her book, poster, or music, or vinyl......

that is the back of the mini book

boy.... I miss her already.... sob sob....

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pixie Dust Paperie June Kit - Summer of Love - Group Project

At Pixie Dust Paperie, we have a group project again this month, I just love seeing everyone altered the same item and come up with different look and feel, that is cool!

This time, we altered an embroidery ring

I made this wall hanging for these lovely kids....

aren't they precious!!!!

I love these black jewels in Pixie June Kit "Summer of Love"

you might want to hop over to The Pixie Blog to see what other Pixies had created for you, it is fun!!!

LINK - The Pixie Blog

Pixie June Kit "Summer of Love"

you can get yours at The Pixie Shop!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week #63 ~ Sketch by Ros

At City Crafter Challenge Blog this week, Ros came up with this fun sketch for everyone
isn't that fun...... I just love it!

and I love this vintage button too....

Crinkled Ribbon is a new color from Pixie Dust Paperie (oops.... coming soon)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you pop over to City Crafter Challenge Blog and join in the fun!

Pixie is having a crinkled ribbon sale, hop over to The Pixie Blog to pick up a code for that.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pixie Dust Paperie June Kit - Summer of Love - Wall hanging and card set

Maybe you haven't know yet, before I moved to Las Vegas, I actually have a real job, LOL!

I teach.....

and this little girl was once my student....

her name is Waverly, I met her when she was only 2 and a half, she speaks Mandarin like a pro... of course, see who is teaching her, LOL!

I miss Waverly so I made her this wall hanging....

It goes with a little tin box

and a matching handmade card too....

It is MADE with LOVE for you Waverly, I hope you'd like it!

you can hop over to The Pixie Blog for more pictures or look at what other Pixies had created for you using Pixie June Kit "Summer of Love"

This is my last project and we will have a group project on June 29 at The Pixie Blog, don't miss that, it is fun!!!

You can get Pixie June Kit "Summer of Love" HERE!

Pixie Crinkled Ribbon "Brown Bird" is retiring

This is the last lot of "Brown Bird" at The Pixie Shop, once they are gone, they are gone forever, so pick up yours now if you like them. There might be a special code to pick up at The Pixie Blog if you want some discount, check it out!

Thanks to all who commented on my last post about the lost stamp, and thanks for the tips and recommendation, now I know what's need to be corrected, LOL! I actually clean my stamp with stamp cleaner and water right after I used them, and still go into the bath room to wash them with soap and a toothbrush, I think I deserved to lose those stamps for being such a "neat freak", get that perfectionist out of you Kirsty!!!!!! : )

Sunday, June 26, 2011

When am I going to learn???

I am playing along with Case Study Challenge #45

Here's the lovely card by Jill Foster (June Muse)

and here's my take....

I am using the softer tone..

speaking of that, all because I want to use this new stamp set to stamp my own background, guess what happened next....

as usual, after every stamped job, I need to go to the bath room and wash my stamp immediately, guess what, the smaller doily stamp was washed into the drain pipe because I didn't put the stopper before I turn on the tap, when am I going to learn???? this is not the first time my tiny stamp got washed away!!!! And this is brand new, I am using it for the first time, now what? buy a new set because of that tiny one? I wanna cry!!!!

: (

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pink Post

***** *** *****
** Pink Post **
***** *** *****

Today's card......

all you need is to have is PINK on your creation....

to enter the challenge over at
because it is National Pink Day

how cool is that!

Join in for the fun if you are a PINK girl like me....

***  ***  ***


I received this yummy award first from

LINDA B ~ Hands to work, Heart to love

and also from

STELLA ~ A little bit of things I enjoy

2 of my blog buddies, who often visit my blog and leave such sweet comment, THANK YOU Linda and Stella, for being so sweet, and for thinking of me!

Now the rules......
1. Send a THANK YOU to the person who nominated you and include their link. 

THANK YOU Linda and Stella, for this sweet award but most of all, thanks for being a super sweet blog buddy

2. To accept this award, you need to answer seven random facts about yourself.

So here are my 7 random facts about ME!
1. I am a night owl
2. I am constantly on a diet plan but keep drinking soda and eat potato chips on the side, LOL!
3. I love FOOD, glorious FOOD
4. I used to love traveling, but now I hate to leave Vegas!!!
5. Although I grew up in the sunny island called Singapore, but I never like the sun, I am more of a LUNA girl.
6. I slept in almost every movie I've ever watched, and that includes Harry Porter and The Simpsons. I think I can count only a few of the movies I stayed awake, and that is Toy Stories and Finding Nemo.
7. I rarely cook these days, Vegas are just too great for food!

3. Pass the award on to at least eight other awesome blog buddies.

This is always tough, but guess I have to do it anyway, don't get mad at me if you are not on the list, I try my best not to repeat, AND don't get mad at me if you get this from me. : ) 

1. Elbogi ~ Elborgi's Stempelwelt
2. Deepti Aggarwal ~ My Creativity
3. Julie Tucker-Wolek ~ Life with the tucker and wolek
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Do visit these ladies if you have time, you' see some amazing creation there!