Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pink Post

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** Pink Post **
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Today's card......

all you need is to have is PINK on your creation....

to enter the challenge over at
because it is National Pink Day

how cool is that!

Join in for the fun if you are a PINK girl like me....

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I received this yummy award first from

LINDA B ~ Hands to work, Heart to love

and also from

STELLA ~ A little bit of things I enjoy

2 of my blog buddies, who often visit my blog and leave such sweet comment, THANK YOU Linda and Stella, for being so sweet, and for thinking of me!

Now the rules......
1. Send a THANK YOU to the person who nominated you and include their link. 

THANK YOU Linda and Stella, for this sweet award but most of all, thanks for being a super sweet blog buddy

2. To accept this award, you need to answer seven random facts about yourself.

So here are my 7 random facts about ME!
1. I am a night owl
2. I am constantly on a diet plan but keep drinking soda and eat potato chips on the side, LOL!
3. I love FOOD, glorious FOOD
4. I used to love traveling, but now I hate to leave Vegas!!!
5. Although I grew up in the sunny island called Singapore, but I never like the sun, I am more of a LUNA girl.
6. I slept in almost every movie I've ever watched, and that includes Harry Porter and The Simpsons. I think I can count only a few of the movies I stayed awake, and that is Toy Stories and Finding Nemo.
7. I rarely cook these days, Vegas are just too great for food!

3. Pass the award on to at least eight other awesome blog buddies.

This is always tough, but guess I have to do it anyway, don't get mad at me if you are not on the list, I try my best not to repeat, AND don't get mad at me if you get this from me. : ) 

1. Elbogi ~ Elborgi's Stempelwelt
2. Deepti Aggarwal ~ My Creativity
3. Julie Tucker-Wolek ~ Life with the tucker and wolek
4. Jacira ~ Jacira Scrap
5. Christa ~ Scrap Mom
6. Joanne Leddy ~ Creative Stamping
7. Lynnda Hosni ~ Arty Scrappy
8. Angi ~ Angi and Cokie designs

Do visit these ladies if you have time, you' see some amazing creation there!


Anonymous said...

such sweet image! wish you a nice weekend

Unknown said...

Lovely image, your card is totally sweet! Enjoy your weekend and oh yes, congrats on the yummie award, too!

Ella Swan said...

Such a beautiful card Kirst! Love the stamping & ribbon (crinkled seam-binding) & lace! Congrats on your bloggy award - you have so many cyber friends! I don't do those awards anymore - I just say thanks to whoever sent it to me - as you say people get upset if you give it to them & upset if you don't - you can't win!

Luciana said...

Muito delicado, muito lindo!

cnelson said...

This could not be cuter or sweeter!! LOOOOOOVE it soooooo much in EVERY way!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I love love love love that card!! LOVING the stamping and the ribbons!!! And thanks for the award!! You are tooooooooooo sweet! I loved reading about you!! We are seriously hoping to make it to Vegas in early December for my birthday!! Haven't been in 3 years and I miss it sooooooooooooo much!! I will let you know if we are coming! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Sharm Nidyanandan said...

so cute & sweet!!! :)

Ros said...

This card is just so cute!!! congrats on the award and lovely to know that you are not a morning person too ha! ha!

jacirascrap said...

Oh! Kirsty!!! Mil obrigados!!! Senti-me muito feliz quando voce entrou como seguidora em meu blog e agora mais ainda com este selo de seu blog!!! Que voce receba em dobro por toda alegria que me deu!!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Such a cute card...I just love the birdie image on it.
So in Vegas you always eat out:-)

Stella said...

I will never wake you up with coffee at 6 AM....LOL but I'd love to cook and bake for you :)

Thank you for your super sweet words about me; you made me blush!

And your card; I think that my favorite color is going to be pink. It has been blue since I was a little girl but pink...speaks to my heart.
And so does your card; pink, feminine, lovely vintage image...just gorgeous!!!!!

Unknown said...

so cute.

Anonymous said...

Sweet card, Kirsty! I love what looks like a book page image. congrats on your award, you are a sweet person. Sylvia

Linda Breedlove said...

I spy Webster's Pages yellow lace from Springtime Pixie... right? I still have some of mine... it's so pretty I hate to use it all. Your card is fabulous. So vintage! said...

What a gorgeous card. Your color work is amazing! Congrats on the award! ~ Blessings

Lynnda said...

Your card is beautiful Kirsty... so sweet...I love it...

And ahhh you so kind... thank you so much for the award... will try my best to do this... most likely on tuesday night when I have a little more time... hugs...hugs.. you are thee best... hugs...xoxo