Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sisterly Love

I'm late, I'm late....

Here's the sketch

What was I doing the whole month of March, this is my first and only layout this month.

I combined 2 pieces (Yellow and White) of "left-overs" cardstocks for my base, layered with vellum and then some stamping..

love how it looks softer after the vellum layer

close up.....

The photo of my girls were taken when Dolce and I drove to Valencia in the summer (2013) to visit Clare. 

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 209 ~ Speech Bubbles

I am hosting this week at

The theme is

Speech Bubbles

Here's my card

actually, I didn't just make one card, I make a set of cards to give to my friend who moved to San Francisco, I thought she might want to be in touch with family and friends back home in Singapore.

I make it clean and simple so she won't have to spend too much for postage, sending anything overseas is really expensive these days.

and I forgot to take picture of the box and had to do it in the hotel room in San Francisco, bad lighting! : (

This week we have Lisette as our Guest Designer, and pop over to see what the team had created for you


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Our Beautiful World 44 ~ Fruit

This week at 

Milagros picked the word


Fruits are like flowers, they are the best target for photography, at least it is for me.
When I browse through my photo folders, I could easily find photos for fruits

This one was taken at Chiang Mai market

all kinds of fruits at the local market

and this is what we called KING of fruits in South East Asia, the durian, if you like it, you would think it smells good, for those who doesn't like it, like my husband, he said it smells like wet socks left in the car on a hot day.

these are what was served on our breakfast table every morning at Sukantara Cascade Resorts, Chiang Mai, I want to go back there......

and this little cup of mixed fruit comes with the Parisian breakfast that cost 20 euro.

these are preserved, a lot of sugar were added of course, but they are really really yummy on french bread, it is my favorite blueberry jam at Le Pain Quotidian.

these are fresh and heathy

but after adding sugar, butter, and flour, they are delicious apple crumble, my husband favorite dessert but I am sure it is not that healthy anymore.

Ok, I better stop now, the above are just a tiny faction of my fruits collection.... LOL!

Now come show us yours



Friday, April 25, 2014

Papi updates and Pin Cushion

Papi is recovery quick, we bought a different cone and I think he feels less clumsy in this one

I give him one pain killer on Day 2, he eats and drinks just like normal, doesn't seem to be in pain and even jump up to the couch and bed a few times when we caught it too late. I tried to take a nap on the couch late afternoon and he again whines non-stop, my husband came downstairs and stop him, after a few times, whenever he heard the foot steps of my husband, he just stop, now I know he only whines because he knew he can bully me! : (
I let him sleep with me without the cone at night, he slept well and so did I.

On Day 3, I skip the pain killer, I am a big believer of not taking pills unless we have to, Papi seem fine all day, he jumps, runs, we try to stop him but a lot of time he is just too fast, however, we still carry him up and down the stairs and try not to let him move too much, he eats and drinks well just like nothing had happened, I put the cone on him only when I can't watch him, so.... all is good now!


I didn't do much in the craft room but I remember some of you asked about the pin cushion when I posted this gift basket months ago

It was a Christmas present for a friend in Germany, the cushion was made with muslin, I stamped the image on it and then embellished with flowers, lace, ribbon and button

Olivia loves gardening and has a Vegetables garden at her backyard, she told me her fruits grow so well that she has to give some away every time it harvest. I made her some tags so when she give away her homegrown stuff.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

PTI Make it Monday #161 and a Sad Papi Day!

The Challenge:

PTI Make it Monday #161 ~ Watercolor splats

This one gotta be my favorite technique.

I love the effect so much that I want to run to my craft room to make another one right now

I used the following PTI ink for the background


The stamp set used here is Feather Finery and its matching die


Yesterday was a sad Papi Day for us

In Las Vegas, there is a law that all dogs and cats need to be neutered unless you apply for breeder license. The Vet told us that Papi can be neutered when he turns 6 months old, we have been dragging this and wait and wait and wait.... thinking that it might be easier for him if he is a little older, but last week, we received a fine notice in the mail, for not having a license, I panic and thought I should get Papi to the vet as soon as I have a free day to do so.....

We sent him to the Vet at 7 am yesterday and I am missing him all day.... I even cry when I see his toys lying around the rooms, so I picked them all up and put them in a basket and set it at his favorite corner, waiting for him to come home....

Well, the surgery went well and Papi got home at 5:30, but it is so sad to seeing him wearing the cone, he bumped onto everything and can't even pick up the toy.

then the trouble night...... he usually sleeps with us on our bed but to avoid him from jumping, which he can't do for the next 10 days, we have to put him in his crate, it was hard because the cone is kind of gets into the way, he cried for 2 hours, I finally get him out and put him in the laundry room with the safe guard gate and then I sleep on the couch in the living room so I could watch him, but he still cry non stop, biting and pulling the gate, which he never does before. So I give up at 4 AM and hold him in my arms and sleep on the couch, grab him tight with my arms and legs just in case he get up and then jump down from the couch (remember, he should avoid jumping and running for the next 10 days), you can imagine the night, he sleeps a bit, up a bit and whine, I just can't get a full night sleep.....  my poor baby and me! : (

Help! Anyone has the experience with dogs, please share your tips!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 208 ~ Paint It!

Ros is our lovely host for this week challenge at

Paint it is the theme

create a painted background with any kind of medium, mist, ink etc..

My layout to add to yearbook 2013 is a page when the Clare came home for a weekend break in March and we took her to her favorite Wynn buffer.

I used at least 3 different kind of glimmer mist for the background

the white cardstock that used to mat the photo has paint stroke stamped on

I hope you join us this week