Tuesday, July 31, 2018

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 423 ~ Christmas CAS

Wouldn't it be nice that we have Christmas now? Christmas in July sounds like fun to me, cold winter weather, putting on cardigan and light jacket, ahhhh..... I can only dream........................................... in this hot Vegas weather! 

Haha....... this week at City Crafter Challenge Blog, we are challenging you to make a one layer Christmas card though, sounds like a lot of stamping right?

Here's mine....

this is a fast project, so I make a few of them at the same time....

some on white, some on kraft cardstock, what do you think, which color looks better?

I managed to sell some of my PTI stamp sets on Ebay, and I've updated the Crafty Stuff for Sale Page, stop by to check it out!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Watercolor and Butterflies

First of all, thank you so much for your input and suggestion regarding the pool, we have never own a house that has a pool before so we really need to hear from people who does. 
We got a designer we came out to the probably, and the quotation he proposed to do the backyard with a pool is in 6 figures, OH BOY!!!! I don't really want to put that much money into the backyard, and besides, I heard that the monthly expenses to upkeep a pool range from 150 - 300, that is without any accident like the pool guy forgot to shut off the vault etc etc.
Since we both won't be using the pool (I really shouldn't tell my hubby that I would if we have one), how many people would say that I would exercise everyday if I have a treadmill at home, but after they bought, the treadmill became a white elephant sitting in the room? I haven't swim more than 20 times in the years that I have live, what makes me think that I would use the pool everyday just to exercise?
Taking that into consideration with the cost of putting in the pool and the cost to upkeep it, I kind of think it is quite stupid to do that at this point, even thought I think the pool can add about 15K value to the house if we want to sell it someday, but at this point, we really should think about what works for us rather than resales value right?
Alright, if you have a water fixture ideas or any other related ideas, do share please!!!


July's challenge is watercolors! Clare just bought me 2 boxes of watercolors for Mother's day, I am happy to put them into good use....

besides the watercolor and sequins, the products used on this card are all from Papertreyink, like the swirl stamped on the background and the butterfly die.

The theme at City Crafter Challenge Blog this week is also Butterflies, you might want to hop over to take a look.

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Have a cool summer!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 422 ~ Butterflies

Is it Autumn yet??? Boy, it is hot here in Las Vegas, living here for 8 years, I think this is the hottest summer ever, I know, Vegas is hot in the summer, but if I recall, the other summer has some breaks in between, meaning there were days that we don't feel that bad, but this summer is just a long stretch of hot days, I just want to stay home all the time, can't wait for it to be over! However, we are running around on weekends as well, mostly to the new house and discuss about what we are putting in the 1/2 acre lot backyard. A pool crosses our mind, both DH and I are not swimmers, but it seems like a pool could really adds value to homes, we love the sound of water, that is why we put in a fountain at our current house few years ago....

it is really soothing listening to the sound of the fountain, but for the new house, I am thinking of something modern that has a clean line.... like this one we saw at model home..

since we intend to dig a big hole to make a fountain, might as well put in a pool, just in case we want to sell the house in the future, what do you think?

Ok, here's the project for the challenge this week at City Crafter Challenge Blog.

The theme is Butterflies, check out challenge details HERE!

after I made the card, my daughter asked for some gift tags that she could use for the gift she is giving to her co-worker, so I just make a few based on the same theme as the card...

Come join us at City Crafter Challenge Blog!

I've updated the page Crafty Stuff for Sales, check it out, there might be some new items you will be interested, thanks!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 421 ~ Pineapples

Thanks for all your suggestion crafty friends, I think I've made up my mind to have one of the room as craft room, YAY!!!!

Next...... a few picture of my birthday boy!

someone turned 5 on July 15th!

remember that little boy?

Happy Birthday my little buddy, love you always!!!!!

Click HERE to read the story of Papillon

This week at City Crafter Challenge Blog, the theme is Pineapples.
Check out challenge details HERE!

I don't have any pineapple stamp (can you believe it, they are like everywhere now, LOL),
so I get one from the internet...

and start layering up....

Please join us at City Crafter Challenge Blog!

I am trying to clean up my craft room and get ready for the move, so I created a page to sell the things that I no longer need, check it out!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

New Home and Holiday Card

We have been busy, getting ready to move and selling our current house, besides the Master bedroom, an office space, a casida with bedroom, small kitchen space and living area, we also have two other bedrooms, we have been changing our mind on whether I want to have a REAL craft room using one of the bedroom, or just share the office space with hubby, which means crafting storage space is limited, I like the idea of having both bedrooms as guest room, but then on the other hand, we only will have a house full once a year when all three kids are home, kind of a waste to leave the two bedroom empty as guest room and not a room cater to our daily life, so we are switching back and forth many times, trying to talk ourself into one idea from the other, what do you think I should do? Have a full size craft room and one guest bedroom or cut down my craft supplies by a lot and share the office space with DH?

Anyway, regardless my decision, there are things that I think I will never use again, I list them HERE before I post at ebay, let me know if you are interested in any, I will continue to clean up and add more photos, for now, check them out HERE!!!

So here's my current craft room....

it is a loft on the upstairs of our current house, it is my very first craft room because I used to craft on our kitchen counter while we live in NYC.

I do have a lot of stuff in the closet, they also spread to Clare's room after she moved out, and there also took up a lot of space in our garage, so I do have a lot of things that I need to get rid of.

Alright, share some ideas if you would!

Next is a holiday card for a Jewish friend.....

when I send holiday cards in December, I often struggle with what kind of card I should send to my Jewish friend, well.... I think I have a solution now.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget, check out THIS PAGE regularly as I will be posting some of my stuff over there.

Have a fun-filled weekend!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 420 ~ In the Pink!

We didn't really plan at all, we kind of like going out on weekends just to see show houses, and then BOOM! Something just happened, we bought a NEW HOUSE!!!! Move in date is late August, so between selling our current house and moving, there is a lot ahead of me right now. Whew!!!!
 Unlike the current house, my craft room is upstairs, the new house is a one story, and my craft room is going to be like an office space with bigger door facing the kitchen and living area, that means, I MUST keep the room tidy all the time, and there is no way that my things can go into the IKEA storing units I intend to have, so my plan is in the next few weeks, I must part with some of the craft supplies that I no longer use, maybe do sell them on ebay, wish me luck! : )

The theme is In the Pink.
Check out challenge details HERE!!!!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 419 ~ Christmas in July

It is hot here in Vegas, that makes me wish that winter could come sooner, LOL!
Oh how about Christmas in July?

That is what's going on at City Crafter Challenge Blog this week, hop over to check out challenge details!

Here's my Christmas card, with silver, in July!!!!


all the stamp images are stamp set from lil' inker designs

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