Sunday, December 25, 2016

PTI Make it Monday #270 ~ Holiday Photo Cards

How's your Christmas day so far?
Ours is quiet and peaceful, Dolce and Lione are here, my friend Amy who came in on the 22nd, left for Grand Canyon on Christmas eve, so it is just 4 of us plus the fur babies, Papi and Coconut!

This year, I took a few photos and then use photoshop to make our holiday photos...

and here's the photo card I am entering at...

I made all these photo cards using PTI Make it Monday Market Kit Post and Parcel

the inspiration came from Betsy Veldman.

Once again....

Happy Holidays!!!!

Merry Christmas (2016)

Merry Christmas to all my blog friends!

Thanks for another wonderful year!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2016 Winter Coffee Lovers Blog Hop

The Challenge:

Products used on this card:

Background die - My Favorite Thing
Winter snowflake and coffee cup : Papertrey Ink
Sentiment and sentiment die : Papertrey Ink
Sequins : My Favorite Thing
Ink pad (sentiment background) : Papertrey Ink

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week #342 ~ Christmas Thing that Float or Fly.

Thanks for all your kind comments on my previous post about the trouble at school, this morning, we gave two boxes of home baked cookies and gift cards to the workers who came pick up the garbage twice a week without fail, one of the guy who was picking up the garbage bag said to DH when DH pass him the gifts, he said "Let me get my work done first before I deserved the gifts". That really touches our heart, DH said that it was how he was taught when he was little, that you do your work before you get rewarded, what happened to our kids these days, just look at the case I posted yesterday about Moli and her mom getting their way just because she didn't get a sticker from me for not doing her home assignment, seriously, when we have doubt why kids behave the way they are, just look at the adults!

Alright, now to the post for City Crafter Challenge Blog, this is our last one for the year 2016, and the theme is Christmas Thing that Float or Fly, check out challenge details HERE!

it is not surprise that Santa sleigh is first thing that pop up when I think of Christmas thing that flies.

this is a old PTI mini stamp, and the only Christmas thing that flies in my collection I guess.

hope you come play along with us this week at...

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Our Beautiful World 177 ~ Tis the Season

Today I had an unhappy episode at school, it makes me so upset that I feel like stop teaching at the Saturday school, it is a semi-volunteer job, we get paid very little because Tsu Chi Buddist Foundation is a Charity organization, therefore teacher don't get pay much, it is almost like transportation allowances. 
So the story started a few weeks ago, Moli is a 5 year old girl in my class, she didn't complete her home assignment, so I didn't give her a sticker for that week, and then the next week, she didn't do homework again, so she didn't get the sticker once again, that evening, my principle called me, to check with me if Moli has any problem in class, she claimed that Moli's mom, who is our new teacher this year told her that she is not going to teach at our school because her daughter Moli refused to go to school on Saturday, so I told principle the story, it seems like she understood, she told me that it's ok, since she needs teacher badly, she really hope that Moli would enjoy school so her mom Nancy will continue teaching at our school. The following week when I went to school, first thing Moli told me was "Principle Maggie is going to give me sticker today!" Oh well, at that point, I decided that I can't do much about that since Principle is afraid to lose a teacher.
When we had the assembly in the hall today, I saw Moli standing in line with another class, with older kids, I had a bad feeling but I just keep my cool because no one tells me anything, during recess, I asked principle when I met her on the hall way, she then told me that Nancy (Moli's mom) insisted that Moli switch class, to join the older kids (8-9 years old), so..... I was a little upset that I wasn't even informed, and that all started because Moli didn't do her homework and didn't get a sticker, really? Is that how we teach our children these days? 
 It is fine with me that Moli is not in my class, and if that is the way Nancy and our principle teach the kids, I got nothing to say, what did the kid learn here? Moli learn that she can get the way she wants by just telling the mom she doesn't want to go to school because she doesn't get a sticker from the teacher, and that she doesn't need to do her homework, well, be it, to me, I am teaching a class of 22 children, I need to let the kids know that a one page home assignment a week is not too much to ask for, you do it, you'll get a sticker, if you didn't, you don't get one, simple as that. 
I do feel like giving up, I don't need that money, I teach simply because I enjoy teaching, now that this teaching is eating up my weekends, DH complains a few times that we could hardly get away because of that, I really just want to quit right away, sigh......

Anyway, enough of venting, let's get something festive to cheer me up! : )

Tis the Season

I love this time of the year.....

when my home is in a festive mood....

every corner is dressed up and ready for the holiday....

Dolce will be home next Tuesday, and then followed by Lione the following week...

my girlfriend Amy will also be here, Amy, Ann and I grew up together, we knew each other for more than 40 years.... I am excited to have her here.

I really love this time of the year, do you?

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Friday, December 9, 2016

12 Tag of Christmas at The Classroom (day 8)

I haven't been crafting for a while, it started with a slow laptop, my Macbook is getting old and it is not compatible with a lot of my other things, and it has so much stuff in there, the speed is painfully slow, that take away some of the fun from blogging. Finally, DH got me my early Christmas present, I got my very first desk top, yes, I switch from a laptop to a desk top, I never have a desk top since I moved to NYC 14 years ago, not just because we are traveling a lot, I also knew that with rented apartments in NYC, we will have to move a lot too, so I just sticked with a Macbook for years, now that I know Vegas is going to be HOME, and carrying a Macbook has also becoming a chore for me when I travel, I decided to get a desk top. The price of window is much much cheaper than an Apple product, I can get the same thing I am having now for 1/3 of the price, but I am so used to Apple and too lazy to learn how to use window, so IMac is my choice, however, moving all the stuff I have on the Macbook to the IMac still takes time, and there are things that is different too, so I am really taking time to get used to the IMac.

I have a little tag today for.....

12 Tag of Christmas with a Feminine Twist 2016 Challenge


The Classroom (Ellen Hutson)

My tag was inspired by Carly Tee Minner on Day 8

Here's Carly's tag....

and here's mine....

a girl can't do without glitters right.....

Products used are

Stamps from Lil' Inker
Patterned paper from Papertrey Ink
Ink from Papertrey Ink

Thanks for stopping by....

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week #341 ~ The Tree is Up!

This Week at .....

The theme is....

The Tree is Up!
(Check out challenge details HERE!)

here's my card.....

Please  hop over to City Crafter Challenge Blog and join in the fun!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Our Beautiful World 176 ~ Peaceful

Back in the summer, I had a few bad months, life was in chaos and I was feeling depressed for the longest time, I needed a get-away so badly so we went to Oceano, CA for a few days just to be by the ocean.

we did pay a high price for this Airbnb rental, but the owner locked up the front bedroom, which is the one facing the ocean, so it was a bummer, however, from the living room downstairs, we are still able to get this view....

we walked on the beach every morning and evening, it was that peaceful feeling I longed for.....

I think my little boy agreed too....

we really love how peaceful it was by the ocean.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

PTI Make it Monday #268 ~ Double-layer Tags

The Challenge:

I love making tags using these dies from PTI

Both the image and the sentiment are from PTI Peaceful Pinecones....

It is December, and it is the tradition I have for years, that December 1st, I dig out that Christmas card/gift list and start working on it, sending holiday cards, prepare gift packages, ahhh... I love this time of the year, what about you?