Saturday, May 31, 2014

Project Life 2014 ~ April 22 to April 30

Project Life 2014

April 22

Papi had his neuter surgery today, I miss him so much, I put all his toys in the basket and place it at the corner of the house, waiting for him to come home in the evening.

We finally picked him at 5 PM. Poor boy, he has to wear that cone for 10 days and he could barely open his eyes.

My brother-in-law and his wife Marilyn make a surprise visit to Vegas today, they were at Phoenix and decided to drive to Vegas to see us.

The cone for papi is too big for his crate, he was having problem getting in there to sleep that night. I brought him downstairs, thinking to put him in the laundry room but he was crying all night, so I had to hold him and sleep with him on the couch, you can imagine, we both have sleepless night.

April 23

Day 2 for Papi, I give him one pain killer in the morning and he seems fine the whole day. He jump up the couch a few times and it was too late to stop him, he was not supposed to jump or run for at least 10 days. 
We bought a different cone for Papi, this one seems more comfortable. By end of the day, he was all a happy boy again.

April 24

Papi doesn't need any more pain killer on Day 3 even though the vet give us 4 pills. He sleeps with us on our bed without the cone at night, everything seems to be normal again.
We went out for lunch at Buca with Dan and Marilyn again since Dan like it a lot there the other night. They head back to Phoenix after lunch.

Every time we see Dan, he seems to be skinnier and skinnier, we worried a lot for his health.

April 27

The Singapore Club is having a hawker food fest at Jason's house, we had lots of fun.

This little boy sure is strong, even though the vet said 10 days, he seems all fine by Day 3, running up and down the stairs by Day 4, we still try to watch him a bit so that he won't lick his stitches but other wise, things are back to normal at home.

Finally done with posting Project Life for April and I am up to date for May, just need to find time to post them : )

And before I go, I want to say


for all your well wishes for my birthday!


Thursday, May 29, 2014

PTI Make it Monday 166 ~ Debossing Stamped Images

The Challenge:

this is a fun one, you gotta try it!

I used this technique on the left panel of the baby announcement card I make for a friend as sample.

and here's the baby announcement card

since I do not have the baby photo yet, I just grab one on my desk (I printed it for a layout but didn't use it in the end, I know, it is funny that it is the photo of the Rolling Stones, LOL, but this is only a sample card so please excuse me for the photo)

left panel is going to be for personal notes such as baby's name, weight, height etc.

finishing touch.....

Ok, next......
I have a product question, please share your thoughts.

If you are here often, you probably already know that I am a huge fan of this stamp company (no name mentioned, uh hm.....), ever since I found them 4-5 years ago, I have been purchasing their products on a monthly basis, and recently even twice a month because they just join in the kits market too.
For my April purchase, I do encountered a problem, one of the stamp broke when I peel it off from the plastic sheet, it is brand new, I simply removed it from the plastic sheet and trying to transfer it to the CD case, it just broke as I peel it off. So I wrote to them, not once, but 3 emails, and till today, I have not hear from anyone from the computer, well..... what kind of customer service they are providing? I know they are getting big and lots of fans, but is that a way to do business?

What would you do if you are in my shoe?

Seriously, I am getting a little upset and pissed here, not that I have no patience, but it has been nearly a month since my first email to them, saying good bye for something I loved and used to for a long time sure is hard, but I am thinking..... there are lots of companies and products out there, should I switch? I personally beginning to love the products of My Favorite Things, what do you think of them? 

Please share your thoughts and advice, thanks!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thank You sweet friend!

The Challenge:

My Favorite Things Color Palette Challenge 5

Here's the color palette

Don't you think it is so sweet? I just ordered some cardstock paper from MFT, can't wait for them to arrived at my door......


We went for 2 concerts last week

Air Supply

Our 2nd time to their concert. This duo work so hard and their voice are still as good as their recording, we love the show.

After the show, we met Russell Hitchcock at the bar.... click!


Cher at the MGM Grand

Even Cher called for a bigger venue, but it seems like besides the fanciful costumes, we didn't see much effort putting into the concert. Dancers are so so... she talked way more than she sang, good that the tickets were free! LOL!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 213 ~ Birthday Banners

I am hosting at

The theme is



Come play along with us


Monday, May 26, 2014

Really? You are doing this?

At Moxie Fab World (May 22 post) ask us to share our crafting space, I was excited at first and went into my craft room to snap a few photos, and then when I went back to Moxie Fab World and hop around, I have second thought. Really Kirsty? You are going to show the world your messy craft room???? Hmmmmm... Oh well, maybe I can motivate myself to do a clean up after this







don't say I didn't warn you




first up is my craft table, always messy, I remember I just clean up last week, why is that?

and then when the camera move a few inches down, whew..... boxes after boxes, new stuff, old stuff, they just have no where to go but under the table. And as if the paper crafting stuff is not huge of a pile, I have one big box of fabric on the left, of course if you sew (once in a while), the iron has to be handy right? Only the newest fabrics get to live upstairs in the craft room, the rest of the fabric boxes have to be in the garage.

and there is the little Papi sticking out his head and asked:"are you sure you want to do this mom, better stop here!!!"

Well, by the window you'll see part of the ribbons piles, part of the glitters pile, and the project life product is growing taller and taller.

and then more paper, little photo corner on top, and a plant my husband trying to rescue (he thought the sun coming through my craft room window might help ???)

top of the shelf looks pretty neat, but in those boxes, more mess

let me scare you a little more by opening the closet door just for a peek

the right side of the closet looks like I am pretty organized, but..... the truth is, I still can't find my stuff when I needed them

and again when the camera move down a little, sigh..... I am hopeless!

and did I mention the garage yet?

Yes, if there is a prize for the messiest craft space


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Papertrey May Blog Hop Challenge

Click HERE or scroll down if you are looking for Our Beautiful World post


Aqua and Melon

I made a birthday card for a friend in New York City

Foxy stamp and die from PTI

Sequins and gold bits from PTI Make it Market Kit

arrow, speech bubbles die and sentiment are all PTI products

and this little boy is pretty excited today because Clare will be home this evening..... with her boy friend that mom wants to meet for the first time