Monday, February 29, 2016

MFT Sketch Chalenge #269

The Challenge:

Here's the sketch

and here's my card....

I don't know if I have slightly mention here before, that I dive into copic markers end of 2015?

 oh yes, you heard me right, I did, I dive into copic markers while on the other hand said that I am going to cut down crafting supplies. LOL! 

 well, copic markers are expensive, but ever since I bought this MFT Harvest Mouse stamp and die set, I just couldn't find a good way to use them besides coloring them, and I am not that good at coloring so I blame that I do not have very good color markers : 0

you will be seeing a lot of the same colors for now, because I only have a $100 worth of copic markers, courtesy of DH, haha..... one of the three Christmas present last year!

I know, I need more practice......


Sunday, February 28, 2016

Our Beautiful World 136 ~ Colors

Around here is Vegas, it is SPRING like.... 

yes, the temperature is 70s to 80s everyday

the tree outside my window is budding....

those on the side walks already almost in full bloom....

I forgot the name of the tree, something like plum cherry? 

it has dark red leaves and pink flowers, these are the colors in Las Vegas right now.

How about your part of the world?

Or you have other interpretation of the word Colors

Come join us


Our Beautiful World

Sharing the beauties around your through your lens

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Project Life 2016 ~ January

My year book 2014 Project Life Style

I used the small album and ended up with two that year.

Year book 2015 Project Life Style

so this year, I thought for a while and decided with the small album again, not specific reason, mainly just because I love changes.

I place it on top of the big album to take picture so you could see the difference in sizes.

Project Life 2016



January 1
Dolce and Ming went back to NYC today, the house is left with Mom, Lione, two of us and Papi, what a different from a house full of people back in December. I do a little bit of cleaning so Mom could move into the big guest room.

January 2
Lione helped to take the light down this year, it is certainly helpful to have a young man at home with all these heavy duty outdoor work.
January 3
The weather is nice today, so we went to Hoover Dam with mom and Lione. 

January 15
We went to Mystère, a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas, this is our second time watching Mystère, we really like it the last time so we took Mom and Lione this time. Both Randy and Lione were pick out from the crowd, they put a wig on Randy's head and put so many tubs of pop corn on Lione's, I didn't catch a photo on Randy because I was afraid if I make a move, they will pick me out to make fun of, so I just keep still and watch, LOL!

January 17
We got a few new shelves for the garage, Lione helped to put it together, now our garage look really neat and tidy, maybe it is time to bring the mess from my craft room to the garage, LOL!

January 21
It is DH's birthday, our friend from Hawaii is in town, so we went to Roku Sushi with Craig and two other Japanese friends.

January 23
It is our Anniversary but we didn't anything special this year, usually we just go out for dinner but Mom and Lione are home so we just stay home and eat.

January 28
One of my Christmas presents from DH is the Phillip Pasta Machine, I just love it and used it again and again the past weeks, we could have fresh homemade pasta faster than I run to the nearby grocery store, which is just 5 minutes drive. It taste pretty good too, I am going to try some Semolina pasta as soon as I could find the flour.

January 29
Singapore Airline is going to have a Singapore-LAX direct soon, but Singapore Airline never use old air crafts, so they had to order a few new one, the direct flight won't happen until 2018 I think, United airline got the news and they jump into the race right away, they are starting the Singapore-LAX direct in June, DH can't wait for Singapore airline so he bought his ticket to Singapore, I will be flying from Europe to Singapore in June, so yes, we are making a trip to Singapore in the summer, YAY!
One of my 2016 plan is to take monthly picture with DH, every time I want to scrap, I realized that we do not have a lot of photos, mainly because I really do not like to be in the picture, but this year, I want to make a point to do ONE photo every month. Our January photo was taken at UNLV game this evening.


January 30
I found a lot of the girls' dresses while cleaning the garage, especially Clare. Clare was performing since she was 7, so she had a lot of concert dresses, some are even designed by me and custom-made for just one performance, I put a few on Ebay this evening, one went quickly, maybe because it is collector item? (American Girl), but the rest didn't sell even I only priced it at 0.99 cent. I intend to get rid of them regardless, so friend, if you are interested, check it out HERE!

January 31
I bought a pair of rain boots last month in San Francisco, I finally get to wear them in Vegas today, it rain in the desert!!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2016

A Sketch for project life! Hooray!!!

I found out last week from my blog friend Mandysea, that there is a sketch for project life!

This is very cool since I always need to find inspiration for my project life, so even though I haven't finish posting my project life 2015 (I am done, just need to post them), I am going on to my project life 2016.

Here's the sketch I used from Sketches in Thyme Project Life Style Week 3


and here is my PL journaling card

one thing I wasn't sure about this challenge is are we allowed to use a February sketch to make our January page? Anyway, I had fun working on the journaling card, and I will be back tomorrow to post all the photos for January project life.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

PTI February 2016 Blog Hop Challenge

The Challenge:

Here's the inspiration photo

 When I see this photo, I know I want the soft pink, the green, the bloom and i saw those little pink dots on the top of the photo as well.....

the soft pink came from PTI sweet blush cardstock, one of my favorite color to work with....

the sentiment is a die from PTI Wonderful Words Thank You Die

the bloom was stamped with clear ink and embossed with white embossing powder on vellum, it is PTI Botanical Blocks Stamp Set

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

AAA Cards #58 ~ Sequins

The Saturday Scrapping Class is ending in May, since we do not have a lot of budget given by the school to do the class, I challenged my student to used the left overs as much as possible, looking at the color of the cardstock we have, I decided to make a Halloween card in February as my class sample, LOL! so I could used up all the fall colors plus the cut outs we had in the scrap box.

I am proud that every bits and pieces I used on the card are from the scrap box, the class did a halloween treat box back in September, we have a lot of spooky eyes left in the box.

I did sponsor the class a few sequins to work on though

I am linking my card to the challenge over at

Stop by and join in the fun!