Thursday, March 31, 2016

MFT color challenge 42

The Challenge:

MFT Color Challenge 42

Here's the color palette...

Here's my card.....

 I used an old MFT sentiment stamp set - Blue Skies Ahead....

I didn't have an umbrella die so I used my MFT Boutique Windoe die for that....

the curved and scallop edges are from my new collection - My Creative Time Fun Stitched Edges

Fun things coming up.....

Darnell at djkardkreations is having a BIG FAT CARD BOO BOOS challenge on April Fool's Day, check out details HERE!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Project Life 2016 ~ February 1 to 14

Project Life 2016


February 1
I saw snow cap on top of the mountain this morning, so I snap a photo to show my sister

February 6
We found a new Hainanese Chicken Rice place in Vegas, so we went there for lunch

just in case you don't know, Hainanese Chicken Rice is one of Singapore's signature dish, if you have been to Singapore, you can never miss that, it is boiled chicken with fragrance rice, when DH is in Singapore, he is happy with just chicken rice everyday. It might sound easy but to make the boiled chicken tasty and yet tender, it is skill, and the fragrance rice involved even more work, in Singapore, the chili sauce that goes with it also considered an important element. The Hainanese Chicken Rice at Flock and Fowl is quite good, chicken is tender, rice is ok, but the chili sauce is not what I would go for, my son Lione said that the chili sauce I make at home taste much much better.

February 7
It is Chinese New Year's eve today, but work as usual. My friend Mary invited us to her house for reunion dinner. In Singapore, the eve of Lunar New Year is where family gathered, since we are here in America, there isn't much going on for Chinese New Year, I am happy to just join our friend Mary so we have a little atmosphere, mom sure like it.

February 9
Papi went to the groomer for a hair cut and wash today

we took Lione to Bacchanal Buffet in the evening, it is the best here in Vegas, the button on the cupcake looks so cute, I just gotta have one, hehe...

February 10
Lunch is dim sum with Mom and Lione, DH stopped by Bernie Sander's office here in Las Vegas, he is going to register himself as democrat just so he could vote for Bernie Sander. Requested by Lione, we went to In and Out burger for dinner, we used to like go there whenever we travel to the west coast before we move here,  but there are so many good burger places in Vegas, now we don't even fancy In and Out anymore. My favorite burger is still Shake Shack!

February 12
We flew to San Francisco this morning, I know, I was just there in December, but we were invited by the Singapore Consulate to San Francisco for an event hosted by Singapore Prime Minister.

The first thing we do after we arrived, is to go to Ferry Building with our friend Ray, Ray and both of us have the same love - EAT! When he come to Vegas, all we do is eat, and when we are in SF, we took him to our favorite place to eat in SF, LOL!

Hog Island at Ferry Building

they have the best clam chowder, this time, we also try something new, fried oyster, so yummy that we had to order another serving.

 after lunch, Ray and DH went to work, I walk from the hotel to my favorite store - Daiso

 this is a tiny one compared to those in Singapore and Tokyo, but still, I get to see and buy lots of my favorite Japanese stuff. I bought a lot, a lot, and then I thought of Dolce, so I walked to the post office with all my goodies, stuff them all in one big box and sent it to Dolce in NYC, and then walked back to Daiso to buy some more, for myself this time!

DH and I went to The Crab House at Pier 39 for dinner, I was just here in December with my mom, sister and Jesse. We had the same stuff we had....

Garlic crab

 pasta with mussles

and garlic fries, DH never like garlic fries anywhere, I get him to try this and he loves it

and this is our February photo


February 13
DH doesn't need to work today, so I took him to Palace of the fine arts, I know, I have been here many many times, but DH hasn't, so I just have to take him here today.

this trip to SF is not really a trip that I would go a lot of places, so I decided not to bring my heavy canon camera and do everything with just my Iphone.

how I wish someday they would come up with a camera as small as a phone and has the same quality as the bulky Canon

it was a relaxing afternoon, the flowers were blooming, so pretty...

the event was in the evening, we get back to the hotel, wash up and changed and then headed to the Fairmont Hotel, the view on the top floor is amazing....

It was such a great honor to have a picture with Singapore Prime Minister Mr. Lee Hsien Loong, he even talked to me for a while before he go around and greet the other people, and then few hours later after we get back to the hotel, my friends in Singapore texted me and told me that I was on TV, on the news in Singapore. Prime Minister Lee was invited by President Obama to SF for a summit, that is one great thing the Singapore government do, whenever they have an opportunity, they always take their time off from the official visit and meet Singaporean overseas. I am so proud that I am a Singaporean and have very good government who really take care of its people.

that is Prime Minister Lee chatting with me, he was very interested in what Singaporean do overseas, he asked me some question about teaching in Las Vegas.

Here's a picture of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong with everyone

of course I need a picture with the Consulate General of Singapore in SF, Christopher has been a good friend, he always takes care of me, it was him who take me to Prime Minister so I get a close encounter with Mr, Lee.

and then my friend Stanley, who works for Overseas Singaporean Unit, his job is to connect Singaporean living overseas with the country, I told you, our government is doing a very good job.


 overall, the evening is an extra ordinary event, how many people get a chance in their life time to meet with the very top official in their country, the president, the prime minister. After the event, we went for dinner, LOL! I know, I was busy meeting all the important people that I don't care about food at the event, so I am hungry after....

we went to Scoma's at Pier 39, my usual, favorite cioppino

February 14
We had lunch at China Town and then head back to Vegas

my favorite chili crab at Penang Garden, China Town, San Francisco.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 305 ~ Whitewash

This week at ......

City Crafter Challenge Blog 

Marina wants us to use something white other than paper and or card, so.... I am going with white ink and white embossing powder....

on white cardstock, LOL! of course the white cardstock doesn't count but I have white ink and white embossing powder! : )

and then I do the same white thing with a different stamp, and then sponge different colors of ink all over....

unfortunately, this particular stamp set is a wrong choice, the link were too thin and the color ink just over take everything, so the white outlines where gone! : (

the lucky thing is that I still have that white background

so here's my take on WHITEWASH this week at City Crafter Challenge Blog, come play along with us!

Monday, March 28, 2016

MFT Sketch Challenge 273

The Challenge:

MFT Sketch Challenge 273

Here's sketch 273
 and here's my card.....

I want to practice my coloring with copic markers, so I have to use this image from MFT Harvest Mouset Stamp Set....

the Doily Die from MFT is one of my favorite die ever......
the patterned paper was cut using MFT Die-Namics Zig Zag Stitched Rectangles

sentiment is from MFT label maker sentiment stamp set.....