Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our Beautiful World Week 14 ~ Together

is a place where you can share photographs taken by you from your part of the world

We have a new word prompt every Sunday

This week is choses by Ros


I know it should be photos taken by me, but the photos taken by my husband, with his cell-phone, and MY camera is kind of perfect for this week - TOGETHER.

Oh well, I make a collage this week with the 2 photos, does that count?

first photo here taken by my husband's cell phone was at Pier One Imports, a shop that sell home decor items and furniture, one of our favorite. For those who hasn't read the story, here you go...

I met this cute little puppy at Pier One Imports September 7, his owner was showing him around to the people at the store, I fell in love with him and asked if I could hold him, so hubby took this picture.

Knowing that we travel so much and hate to leave dog at pet hotel, we never even dare to think of owning a pet even though the conversation came up so many times, we both agreed that we should have a dog only when we are too old to travel, LOL!

We always day dreaming of having a close friend that is willing to care for the dog when we are gone, but haven't been able to find the right candidate. The next day, our friend Brendan came over for dinner and out of a sudden, the topic pop up and who knows, Brendan said YES, he would love to have a dog but he cannot afford one financially, so here we go.... start searching for that puppy, didn't have much hope as we do not know where to find him.

September 14, we went back to Pier One Imports hoping to bump into the same lady but no such luck, however, the store people knew her and kept one of her business card, there you go, we called, visited the owner and parents of that puppy, and now.. Papi (Papillon) and I are TOGETHER!!!!

SO here is another picture taken by hubby


and the collage I made for OBW

Sorry that you have to "listen" to my story about Papi twice, and sorry that this week's photos are not by me, but I really think that the story of Me and Papi kind of fit into the word for Our Beautiful World - TOGETHER

Here's one more picture of Papi before I go

Come join in the fun

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Moxie Fab World Tuesday Trigger - A Fine Toothed Comb

The Challenge:

Moxie Fab World Tuesday Trigger - A Fine Toothed Comb

I just love the pretty bloom, don't you?

Here's my take.....

I like to have gift bag lying around and ready to go when I need a bag for small gift

Thanks for stopping by.....

Thursday, September 26, 2013


After being away for a few days, the party we had at home over the weekends, and the new schedule I have with our little Papi, I finally get a little quite time in my craft room this week.

I used moulding paste, mixed it with acrylic paint to create my background


and the PTI products I used on this card are

PTI products

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 178 ~ Flower Power

It's Tuesday again? Where did the time goes? My oh my.... Papi sure is keeping me busy, I am so glad I always get my work done early, other wise, I will be so bump to miss this week at City Crafter Challenge Blog where lovely Charlene pick the prettiest theme

Flower Power

We need to have at least 5 flowers and 2 different background (mixed media or patterned paper)

Pink flowers, white flower, that's three!

and 2 more fuzzy cut flowers here....

I used 2 different patterned paper for the background

Join us at

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our Beautiful World Week 13 ~ Fall

is a place where you could share photographs taken by you from your part of the world

We have a new word prompt every Sunday

This week is


sometimes people here in Las Vegas complained about not having enough "colors", I don't think that is true, look at this, a park 15 minutes drive from our house, we too have lovely FALL colors!

Although today is first day of FALL, but like most places, FALL actually hasn't arrive, the photos here were taken in November, 2012.

we drove to Aspen early this week just to see the yellow and red aspen leaves, usually in full bloom by this time of the year, but nah..... I am quite disappointed. And I was going to use the Aspen photos so that when we look back, we'll know that FALL came late this year, but (again) I was so busy with Papi that I have no time to upload the photos to my computer, so I guess I will have to show you another time. Ok, gotta go, Papi is calling.....

Come join us 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Something from my craft drawer

You see, I have some many of these project tucked right at the bottom of my craft drawer (old photo files on my computer)

While I am away from home

or in this case, I am back but so busy with Papi that I have no time for crafting at all

I just pull them out from my craft drawer

one at a time

This is one that I am not particularly proud of

the paper curled up because of the mist, and I didn't even bother to take better picture 

photo was taken at Zion National park in 2012

Have a fun-filled weekend my friends!

I will be back tomorrow for a new challenge at

Our Beautiful World

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I am still in Aspen, but I can't hold it anymore....

so I got up at 6.30 AM (so not me)

in the hotel room....

tying this.....



I just have to share...










My dear crafty friends



the newest addition to the family

isn't he cute!!!!


Ok, here's the story.....

2 Saturdays ago, my hubby and I went shopping at Pier one after lunch, we met Anna, another shopper at Pier one, she was holding 2 puppies and one of them is this cute little guy.
He looked just like a teddy bear and all the sales assistants at Pier one asked to hold the pups, so do I. He is just too cute!

Anna told us she is selling the pups, but my hubby and I love traveling, and travel so much, we knew we just can't have one at home at this point even though we love dogs. Because of that reason, we didn't even think of asking Anna for her contact number.

In the car on our way home, the pet topic started as usual.

"ya..... we just can't have one, who is going to look after the baby when we are gone"

"ya, I hate to send the pet to pet hotel, you'll never know how your baby will be treated, you'll never know who they are mixing with, so sad, no, we are not having one at this point"

"if only we could find someone to share the dog, you know, I don't mind paying all the cost, I just want someone who loves dog like us and take care of the baby while we are gone"

"ya, if only Clare or Dolce move back here after schools, stay close to us...."

 blar blar blar blar blar.... the conversation went on... as usual

no solution

we just can't have a dog right now period!

On Sunday evening, our friend Brendan came over for dinner, we were chit-chatting at our backyard after dinner, suddenly, I thought.... OUT LOUD

"Hey, why we never thought of Brendan?"

ding ding....

so we told our story about having a dog 

guess what?

Brendan was excited, he always wanted one but thought he cannot afford and WOULD LOVE that he could have one to play with once in a while.

We've found the perfect match, a nice person, a friend whom we trusted, who loves pet and willing to take care of the pet while we are gone, so now what, we do not have Anna's phone number, and don't know where to find the dog. I looked on craigslist all week, to see if Anna posted anything since she is selling the pups, but nah..... I don't want to just buy any dog, I am not at the point that I need a pet at home, I fell in love with that pup at first sight that was all, if I cannot find that one, I am not having one, so I wasn't tempted to get any from the craigslist listing I read, even though they look as cute, nor going to the pet shop to get one or adopt one.

Last saturday after lunch, I suggested to my husband that we go back to Pier one and see if Anna shops there again, no, we have no such luck to bump into her again. Before we left Pier one, my husband just strike a conversation with one of the sales girl, and guess what, she said "Oh yes, we all know Anna, wait... I think my co-worker got her business card, let me call her and ask"

so you know the happy ending of the story...

here we are

with our new baby - Papi

out of a sudden, my life style changed, I woke up early, at 5:30 AM, just because we are potty training Papi, I did that hourly too, and then spend the in between hours holding him, cuddling him, so I have no time for the craft room the past few days, and then we have to leave for the trip since we already made al the arrangement, we are lucky that my son Lione stays with us right now, so Papi can be in good care while we are gone, but I can't wait to go home and I can already tell, our traveling is going to cut down a lot, at least I know the next 2 that my husband got on his list, Shanghai end September and Zion National Park early November is NOT GOING to happen! Because now, we have a good reason not to go anywhere until Papi is old enough to come along.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 177 ~ Color Challenge by Ros

Ros picked this beautiful inspiration for us to work on

you have to use the color aqua, white, silver and green on your project

this is another page for my 2013 year book, a mini album that I keep all the special events in 2013

the photo was taken in March, 2013 in San Francisco, our first stop for the around the world trip

I am still on the road, I hope to get some good connection so I could post some photos, and when I get home, I have something I exciting to tell you all!

For now, please stop by City Crafter Challenge Blog and play along with us!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Our Beautiful World Week 12 ~ Yellow

is a place where you could share photographs taken by you from your part of the world

We have a new world prompt every Sunday

The word for this week was picked by Wendy


is the word

{this photo was edited using Picmonkey}

You might be wondering, why I took pictures of limes instead of lemons since the word is YELLOW

well, there is a story behind.... my husband likes to add lemon juice to his soda, but the problem is, every time when he order his drink "diet with a lemon", they always bring him diet soda with lime, so he learn to say "diet with a lemon, the yellow kind" LOL! Therefore, yellow makes me think of lime!

at our home, we always have a big jar of lemons and a big jar of limes in the kitchen, and when they starting to get old, I squeeze out their juices and store them in mason jars, can you tell which one is lemon juice and which one is lime juice?

they are both YELLOW aren't they?

now hop over to Our Beautiful World to see more of the YELLOW beauties this week!

I know, I know, I just got home from San Francisco, but......

I am leaving again....

see you when I come back!