Tuesday, December 31, 2013

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 192 ~ Fan Club

Today is New Year's eve.

I am wishing you

a wonderful evening

filled with people and things you love!

We are just going to stay at home and watch Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin, our favorite pair on New Year's Eve count down.


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Created a project related to a sports, e.g. swimming, baseball, basketball, skating, horseback riding etc.

My husband needs a card for his vendor, he is a BIG Ohio State fan, so I make a card based on the colors and logo

husband said "Grease the wheel" is his slogan" LOL! I had to put that on the card as well

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Monday, December 30, 2013

My Favorite Five Christmas Creations

Last year, I played with Debby's "Favorite Five Christmas", I am doing again this year!

so I look through all the 2013 christmas creation and found

Winter Blue (created in January 2013), I did start my Christmas creation early

and then I found Giant Glittered Snowflake (created in February)

next is..... the photo card I sent to family this year (created in November)

and the next one is not a card but the cover of my December Daily 2013 (created in November)

and the final one is not a card either, it is a christmas gift tag that goes along with a lot of my gifts this year (created in December)

so these are my favorite 5 christmas creations, what about you?


Movie Night

One more movie to squeeze in before 2013 ends

another great one



Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Beautiful World Week 27 ~ New Year

is a place where you can share photographs taken by you from your part of the world

We have a new word/prompt every Sunday

This week is


I am kind of an impromptu girl, so you can see, I never make any New Year resolution in my life, this time is a little different though.....

I do wish that in 


to do a bit more traveling

{Photo edited with picmonkey}

Both my husband and I love to travel, there were years that we literally live in our suitcases, I never pack or unpack my bag, it just sit there and I throw in clothes for the particular trip and that's it, everything else is in the bag and I can leave in an hour notice, which is a lot of time how we traveled.

In 2013, we went to Phoenix, Arizona in January

Took a little weekend get-away in San Diego in March, where we stayed right by the water and watched the sunset in the evenings

and then late March, early April, we go around the big ball, first stop is San Francisco, I don't know how many times I have been to San Francisco but cable car seems like a must.

and then we flew across the Pacific Ocean to our 2nd stop - Singapore, where I get to see my family, happy time!

3rd stop - Bangkok, Thailand, I love Thai people, they are just very peaceful and polite people.

4th stop - Chiang Mai is the highlight of this trip, I always wanted to see rice paddy, and wanted to visit Chiang Mai, I finally "talked" my husband into going to a remote place like Sukantara Resort, and guest what, he LOVES it! and we never stop talking about going back to Chiang Mai!

5th stop is Paris, of course we have to do Paris!

and then across the Atlantic Ocean back to New York City, to see Dolce who studied there, this is the famous flat iron building in NYC

In May, we went to San Diego once again, it was a perfect get-away

In June, we missed Sukantara Resort so much, so we want a relaxing holiday by the stream, we went to Sedona, Arizona.

Early July, Dolce is home for summer break, but Clare stayed on campus to worked, she is an RA in her college, so Dolce and I drove to see her and spent some Mother-daugthers time in Valencia, CA.

Late July early August, Dolce and I make a trip to Europe to see my girlfriend Ann, who lives in Grafing, Germany

I met Oliva, Ann's friend and we went to Rosenheim together

also spent a day in Munich

and then Dolce and I moved on to Vienna

and Prague

In September, hubby and I went to San Francisco again, where I get a chance to do a hike with my friends, it was awesome!

Papi came into our lives in mid September, but my son Lione was able to watch him while we were gone, so we made a trip to Aspen, Colorado, a trip I have been long waiting for....

we moved on to Denver to watched a baseball game, Rockies played Cardinals

and then you pretty much can guess, I was home-bound with Papi, until my brother-in-law and his wife came visit us, we took them to Zion National Park and leave Papi at home with Lione again.

I am not complaining, I know I have been fortunate and blessed with lots traveling in 2013, perhaps I was a gypsy my previous life, and I just want to keep moving...... with Papi, long distance traveling might be hard to come by as I am not sure how long I can bear not to see him, he is a part of our daily life now and leaving him for a weekend is hard, let alone weeks... but somewhere in my heart, I still have a tiny wish, I hope to go back Singapore to see family in the new year, and make a trip to Japan again, maybe besides Tokyo, I want to see Kyoto or Osaka, and then maybe Budapest. Do you think is possible huh? 2014!!!!!

Alright, this is sort of a year in review on my traveling part, it is good for me to look back and remind myself again and again, what a blessed life I have.

Ok friend, what you have in mind for 2014

Come share with us


Saturday, December 28, 2013

December Daily 2013 ~ December 8 and 9

Did you have a great Christmas? Ours wasn't bad at all, Clare and Dolce are home and it is Papi's first Christmas, the highlight of the night is to see Papi opening his christmas present, lots of fun!!!!
I'll tell you more when I have my December Daily project for Christmas day, for now, it is...

December Daily 2013

December 8 and 9

The album I used for December Daily comes with a few plastic sleeves, I thought I could used these for pages that has no bulky items

I decided to combined December 8 and 9 into one page.

I remember on....

December 8, I woke up in the morning and got bad news from Dolce, she was doing her abroad study overseas, she and her friend Mei went to a fair and less than 5 minutes they were there, she noticed she was pick-pocketed, she lost her school ID, driver's license and cash of course, *sigh..... no matter how much you reminded them, they still tends to be careless, we talked to her about the professional pick pockets and gypsies in Paris, reminded her again and again to keep an eye on her belongings, she still lose it, oh well, I am glad she still have her passport with her, other wise it could be worst.

So, I had a bad start and you can pretty much guess what is the rest of the day was like on December 8.

I leave a lot of journaling space for December 8 since I have a lot to write about for that day.

and then on.....

Monday, December 9, I remember I was feeling better for the first time since I started my December Daily project, because I keep notes for the December Daily project, it makes me more aware of how I feel on a daily basis.

Although I was feeling better that day, somehow I still crave for cupcake, and I did baked myself.

I found the cupcake holder belongs to the girls, I remember those NYC days, I used to packed their lunches and bake cupcakes for them to bring to school.... ahhh... I love those days.

and it is a good feeling digging into the cupcake as well, YUM!

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Take time to really see the beauty of nature - Aspen 2013

Early September, we went to Aspen Colorado.

I spent 2 summers in Aspen 2005 and 2006 while Clare attending Aspen Music Festival and School.
We had lots of beautiful memories there, and I was longing to go back but didn't get a chance until this year.

I was very very excited, I want to go back to see all the familiar things, familiar places after 7 years.

We took a walk at Benedict Tent, since it wasn't summer for the Music Festival, hardly a soul there, the place was peaceful and quiet, we took our time to walk, to smell the flowers, to see the Aspen leaves dance in the breeze, and to listen to the stream.

Everything is so green and luscious

and then we drove to the Music School, castle creek still look the same, and I remember having lunch at the canteen (the brown and green building on the left) with my girls, they were very young then.

Clare and Dolce, 2005

I never get tired of the roaring sound of the creek, Aspen Music School

I remember the bus driver at the Music School would stop and pick berries while waiting for the bus to load up

although I wish to see Aspen in gold and yellow this trip, but the view is great no matter what time of the year, and it gives me a good reason to go back again next year since we are still a tad early this time

There is something about Aspen that feels nostalgic, like Maroon Bell.... always picturesque

I pictured a man climbing the cliff with the moon as his backdrop, he is a dear friend of mine who passed away early 2007

On our way to Denver the next day, we took the scenic route and drove by Independence pass, again, is a place I've been there couple of times, I hiked and loved the time spent in the mountain with crisp, clean air.

Elevation 12,095 feet, this is the continental divide

Dear Aspen,

I'll see you soon!