Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Grafting and City Crafter

Hello friends, good guess for GERMANY! Yes, I am here at Grafing visiting my girlfriend Ann, whom I know since high school. I will be here a few days and then off to meet my dear blog friends IN REAL LIFE, yipee!!! 
Guess where????

And today's project is for...

Check out challenge details HERE

This was my first attempt....

 and then I look at the inspiration photo again, and on second thought..... I make another one

hmmm.... I think I still like the first one better, what do you think?

Check out the lovely work from our special guest star Greta and the CCCB team!


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Florence and Our Beautiful World

Hello from Florence!

I am here in front of the famous Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy......on my birthday!
Thank you friends, for the lovely birthday wishes you sent over! : )

Ponte Vecchio (The old bridge) is the only bridge across the Arno river that was not destroy during world war ll, rumors said that because Hitler like it so much that the bridge was spared.

I love Florence, this is my 4th time here, but while this city is lovely, we do have an unfortunate event though, not sure if you've heard from the news channel that on Wednesday, an underground water pipe burst in Florence, that area is near Ponte Vecchio, and the place we rented via Airbnb happened to be in this area, and only after climbing up 4 flight in this 150 years old building with our heavy luggages, we got the bad news from the owner of the apartment that we have NO water supply, oh my........

Well, the rest of the story later...... for now, it's

The word at Our Beautiful World this week is.....


While I was in Venice, we went to the oldest cafe in Europe,  Cafe Florian, that gives me the opportunity to get a photo of my CUP of tea.

I am not a coffee person, but Clare loves Italian Cappuccino....

and I just love pretty heart in the CUP!

hop over to Our Beautiful World and join in the fun!


Guess my next stop -

No longer in Italy, guess where do they serve this...

if you follow my blog for a while, you probably have seen this picture before, tell me if you know where I will be going to next!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Venice and Project Life 2016 ~ April 1 to 8

Hello all, if you guess Venice, you are right!!!!!
Clare and I got here on Wednesday while Dolce is still in Rome doing her business study.

My post today is for ......

Sketches in Thyme Project Life Style

Sketch #28 is by Emma Pescott

I used the sketch for my April title card....

Project Life 2016

April 3
I make a good batch of Sopapillas today!

April 5
We found another new Indian restaurant and went to try it out this evening, it is called Tamba Indian and it was pretty good despite being on the strip. 

April 7
Today is Clare's birthday, my baby is a grown girl now, how time flies!

April 8
I took Papi for a walk around the neighborhood today, it has been a long time since we do this route, we usually go to the dog park these days because I like to see him run free in a fenced area instead of using lease. It was drizzling and I like the feel of having little droplets of rain on my face..... and I almost forgotten how lovely, peaceful and quite the walk is....

Do stop by Sketches in Thyme to see more of my pages!

Before I leave home for my vacation, I cleaned up a lot of photos from my laptop as I know I am going to load more, a lot more, by accident, I moved most of my project life photos to the hard drive at home, so I really can't post the rest of my April project life until I get home! : (

Now more guessing game....

What's next????

this one should be easy, tell me if you know!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Day in New York and City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 313 ~ Black and White

Hello Friends, I am sorry that I didn't have time to check my blog until now, we were in New York City for Dolce's graduation, she graduated with highest distinction, or they called it at the ceremony - Summa cum Laude, well done girl.

 I arrived at Newark airport on Friday evening, it took me more than 2 hours to get to our friend's house in Long Island, I would like to stay in the city like we used to, but a friend of DH kept inviting us, we finally said YES this time since his place is also close to Dolce's campus.

This is the picture I took with my phone while stuck in the traffic .....

On Saturday, we had the driver took us to High Line, I like taking the subway while I was in NYC, but our friend insisted to have his driver take care of us all day.....

The High Line is a 1.45 mile-long New York City linear park build in the city on an elevated section of an old New York Central Railroad ......

we started the trail from 14th street, make a loop and back to Chelsea Market...

I really wish I could spend more time at Chelsea Market....

 after Chelsea, we went to the Freedom Tower for the first time....

when I first moved to NYC 2003, this place was called Ground Zero, it was a big hole on the ground.

we moved to Jersey City many years later, they were building the freedom tower then, the construction area is where we walked by day in day out as we have to take the Path train from the city back to Jersey City

 Today, the beautiful reflection pools sit within the footprints where the twin Towers once stood.

After the graduation, we went to JFK and waited for hours for our flight to Rome (did you get the right answer from that picture on the last post?) where Dolce will be doing her business study here for 10 days, Clare and I will drop her off at school campus here tomorrow, we will be here for another night and then move on to our next destination on Wednesday....

to this place where Ernest Hemingway and Mary Hemingway once stood!

tell me if you know the answer! : )

Before I go, here's my card for City Crafter Challenge Blog "Black and White" challenge this week, hop over for challenge details....

oh one more good news before I go, Papi is finally HOME with DH, I'll tell you the story when I get a chance.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Our Beautiful World 148 ~ My Happy

Hello friend, sorry for not visiting you at the moment, I am in New York City right now, YAY to all who play along with my little guess game, some even able to name the Flat Iron building! Fantastic!
We just attended Dolce's graduation this morning and now we are on our way to our next destination.

{trust me, I have to find a picture that is not so easy, so try hard, LOL)


I am here for a quick post for the new prompt this week at

You might already know... this little one....


Having to drop him at the pet hotel this time just breaks my heart.... sop sop...
 I better not think about it, it makes me cry as I type.... sigh...
 I have a long story to tell but wait till I have more time in my hand, with a big, long trip like this, every minute I am fighting sleep when I get back to the hotel, so next time!

You might want to hop over to Our Beautiful World and let the team share with you their stories and their HAPPY!

Thanks for visiting my blog while I am on the road!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

PTI Make it Monday #249 ~ Make it with Money

The Challenge:

PTI Make it Monday #249 ~ Make it with Money 

This week is the last lesson of my private classes since I will be going away on Friday, even though the kids are still having lesson with me during the summer, but this is a long break, so I am giving them the end of school year present and it goes along with a card....

I tried a heart shape origami at first, but I think this one looks better....

well, this is a big trip, I will be gone for a month, so I am gotta go pack my bag, and if you care to follow me, this is where I will be going to.......

tell me if you know where....

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 312 ~ Pretty Pink 'n' Pastels

I have been playing with a lot of watercoloring lately, but wasn't happy with all the watercoloring background I did until this one.....

at City Crafter Challenge Blog this week, Ros asked us to use Pastel and must includes the color PINK......

so watercolor is perfect, it makes every shade looks soft.......

there you go...... lots of Pastel............ with pink

Come join us this week at