Friday, August 31, 2012

Jingle Belle Holiday Bingo.....

First of all, I would like to say


to all my blog friends, thanks for your sweet and caring comment for my post yesterday, I just can't put into words how I feel about your concern, care and love, thank you so much, I am so glad we met on blogland......

I guess I should start posting daily to keep myself busy huh?

Alright, today's card is for the challenge over at

I am doing "embossing" + "tree" + "ribbon"

I tends to go for CAS when comes to holiday card, thinking ahead is always good right? such as postage, quick and easy, envelope friendly etc...

you might want to hop over to 

right now!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I am back....

Hello friends....

I am back

to my little nest


it is 





I was trying very hard not to be sad the whole way home

but I think the feeling of empty-nest syndrome had won the battle



as mother

 taking care of my children seems like the only purpose in life

out of a sudden

they are all gone

and I didn't know what my purpose was anymore





right now

I probably need time

and find things to keep my mind busy


I hope I will continue to find


on my path

as I know

some things will never change







Sunday, August 26, 2012

PEACE begins with a SMILE......

I made this layout before I left.....

*** * ***

It was inspired by the word PEACE, over at Bird is the word challenge blog

Peace beings with a Smile

~ Mother Teresa


photo taken at Vatican City, 2008

Friday, August 24, 2012

Berry Card #5 ~ Thank You

Another of my berry card for my sister

this time is a THANK YOU card

I am linking this to the challenge over at

***  ***  ***

If you don''t see me around leaving comment for your blog, it is because I am on the road my friend, will visit you when I get home!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sometimes we just have to let go.....

Just not that long ago (really, it was like yesterday), someone told me....
"If you are blessed with little ones, with the blink of an eye, they are growing up way too fast, and before you know it, their little play phones are replaced with real cell phones, their fisher price keys are soon real keys to the car and those little footsteps you used to hear when they got hungry late at night soon become big footsteps just heading out for the night at 11 pm..... "

and now, I really "get it". If I have a time machine right this minute, I would trade all the beautiful things I have in a heartbeat to enjoy a few hours again with my kids when they were little, cherish every smile, tear, frown, tantrum and especially those priceless hugs!

Today, I can't believe it come so soon, my little baby is finally leaving my nest, on to another phrase of her life - college, even though she just turn 17 three months ago, she is still very young, still my little baby. 

10 years ago, I held her little hand, landed in this city, although I was scared and fearful, but I know I could not fail because my girls are depending on me, so I bite my lips and carried on, tried to make the best out of the worst situation, and we all survived. Today, all alone by herself, she is back to the city she once familiar with, in fact, this is the city she spent most of the life in, the city that she loves so much.... NYC, we are back!!!!!

outside our first apartment in NYC, she was just teeny weeny

our first snow sled at Central Park

You and Me against the world.......
(Lincoln Center)

I wish I could hold her little hands forever....

she was very quiet since young, but so very smart too, it didn't surprise me that her SAT score was among the top 4.5 percent in the nation and earned herself a 4 years full scholarship to a high ranking university in New York City

and she is not just intelligent, she is also very athletic 

She was once champion on beam at New York State Meet

I love watching her tumbling on floor, swinging on bars, and balancing on beam

since very young, she just has a mind of her own, with her strong personality, come strong will, a girl who once do not want to miss a day of training at the gym, decided to give up and never look back since then, no one, not anyone from mommy to trainer, to head coach, to friends can change her little mind. And being her, she made up her mind to move back to New York City, no other school in the West Coast would attract her, she made up her mind, NYC is where she wants to be.

my heart is aching right now... sop sop....

but sometimes







Tuesday, August 21, 2012

City Crafter Challenge Blog Week 123 ~ Wishi Washi 2

Hubby and I went to The Kingston Trio's concert over the weekend, every time I went to an event like this, I just "stick out", LOL! Not only because people who attended these concerts are old couples (not that I am very young but I do look like kindergardener among them), also I am the only Asian there, they probably cannot believe I am familiar with at least 2 of their songs, "Where have all the flowers gone" and "Tom Dooley". I sang these song with my uncle playing the guitar when I was just a little girl.

Although none of the above three were from the original Kingston Trio

but they are just as amazing, I will so go to their concert again next year.

***  ****  ***

Week 123 is hosted by Ros

Wishi Washi 2 is the theme this week, you have to use washi tape plus 2 other embellishment items

Here's my DT sample

besides washi tape, my other 2 are button and baker's twine

please come play along with us