Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Favorite Five of 2014

This is the 3rd year I took part in Debby's Favorite Five.
However, I missed the deadline for Favorite Five Christmas Card this year, so I am just going with my Favorite Five Creations of 2014!

It is always nice to look back your own work and pick out your favorite, I had 266 posts in 2014 to-date, so it is not easy to scroll through all but here they are ....

A thank you card in April 11

this one was made in June 20

this one in September 

and last and quite recent, my 2015 New Year's card

I hope you check out Debby's blog for this fun post!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Project Life 2014 ~ Nov 26 to 30

Project Life 2014

November 26

Papi went for his 3rd visit at Woof Gang Grooming, so far we are really happy with the groomer Stacey, she did a good job.

November 27

Clare, her boyfriend Jared came home around 1.30 AM with two of their friends, Michelle and Jonathan, we are happy that the kids are here to spent Thanksgiving with us.
Here's the photo we took when the kids just stepped into the house, guess who Clare hugs first?

For Thanksgiving dinner, we baked two chickens instead of turkey, lots of potato and peppers, we have steamed corn and edamame for sides, and my homemade croissants too.

Jonathan is the cameraman, so we don't have him in this picture

We have been letting Papi run outside whenever he sees birds taking bird bath at our water fountain in the backyard, we would open the glass door, and he will only run outside when we give him the "OK", and in 2 seconds, he is up on the top of the fountain, of course by the time he is out, the birds all flew away, so he was like looking right, look left, trying to see where the birds gone too, it was so funny, we called him Lion King.

November 28

Papi's favorite is to stand in front of the glass door and waits for the birds, once he sees them, he will be asking us to let him out

"Come on mom, open the door, open the door, they are outside, I want to chase the birds away!!!!"

November 29

The kids really like the yoghurt I made for them for breakfast, we also took them out for Korean BBQ.

November 30

The kids are driving back to CA early this morning, I woke up a bit late and trying to rush out of the house to say goodbye to them, and hurt my fingers in a rush, half of my nails nearly fell off, it hurts so bad.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

PTI Make it Monday #194 ~ Sympathy Cards and Stamped Borders

The Challenge:

I started with stamping the circles from PTI layered postmark holidays stamp set all over the edges of the white cardstock, I used both PTI Spring rain and Spring moss ink pads

Next is to stamped the sentiment onto a piece of project life journal card.
Sentiment "THINKING OF" is from PTI All about you stamp set
and the dots ... is a stamp from PTI Thank you all ways stamp set

the word "You" is a die from PTI too
last but not last, the flowers die is PTI phrase play die

Friday, December 26, 2014

Papertrey Ink December 2014 Blog Hop Challenge

The Challenge:

December's challenge is to used GOLD and SILVER on the project.

I am using the gold paper from PTI's first Make it Market Kit Luxe Letterpress to make the stripes on my white cardstock

the star has silver glitters and I also added PTI rustic brown jute button twine on it

Sentiment "happy" is from PTI Egg hunt stamp set and "2015" is from PTI Calendar Basics Stamp set.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!!


the candles are burning

the carols are playing

and I am reminded again how much I love this season of





Merry Christmas my friends


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Project Life 2014 ~ November 15 to 24

Project Life 2014

November 15

Today we went to Frankie Avalon's concert at South Point, one of his famous tune is Venus, but my favorite of his is one from the movie "Grease", Beauty School Dropout.

We came home and discovered that Papi finally break through the gate we put up between the dining area and the living room to prevent him for going under the couch, DH put 4 bricks to hold the gate and managed to keep the gate up for a while, but Papi finally break his way through today, naughty boy Papi, naughty boy.....

November 17

We got news that Dan was in intensive care, so DH leave for Iowa today

My friend and I supposed to sit in for the new adult Chinese/Mandarin class at Asian American Group today but we got the wrong time and the class won't start till evening, there was a fruit carving class going on instead in the afternoon, so we attended that just for fun.

the one on the right is my very first carved radish, not too bad for a beginner huh?

November 19

We went out for dinner this evening and received the bad news that Dan had passed, we came home right away and then made a decision that we are driving to Iowa instead of flying. There are so many reason for doing that, first of all, DH doesn't like to deal with people at the airport and on the plane, that is why he is traveling less and less for work recently, the other reason is that we love traveling in our car instead of have to think what to pack, we just dump everything we think we need into the car, that makes thing easier, the biggest reason is that I can take Papi along with me, our neighbor Diane is no longer a good option since the last trip, we knew that somedays she just came in for like 9 minutes, twice a day, that is too little for Papi, even though we paid her more than we would pay if we sent Papi to a pet hotel, Papi didn't get much time as we wish for and that is sad.

Papi is always a good traveler, he would just sit on my lap or something just next to my feet.

We left home at 10 PM, drove 4 hours and rest for the night at Flagstaff, Arizona.

November 20

We continue to drive through New Mexico and stopped at Los Cuates at Albuquerque for lunch.
Drive through Texas and then stopped for a night at Wichita, Kansas for the our 2nd night.
Papi is very well behaved with all that driving, we let him run a bit whenever we made a stop, and when he is thirsty, I just give him a cup and he would drink from that cup, and then make us laugh by trying to look funny. Whenever we get to a hotel, he would first pee and do his business on the pee pee pad, and he never even dirty any other area in the hotel room

November 21

Today, we drive through Missouri and then Iowa, stopped at Iowa City for DH's favorite pizza.

We finally arrived at Cedar Rapids, Iowa late afternoon. 23 hours of driving, and Papi has been good all the way.

November 22 

It is the funeral of Dan, we are all very very sad.

after the funeral, we want to hang around just in case Marilyn needs any help, she wants to go home and have a rest, so DH and I took Papi to my brother-in-law Steve's house to play with their dog Bailey. It was funny to see how the two met for the first time, Bailey is a big dog but she is a big chicken according to Steve, but we knew that Papi is a bigger chicken, he just cling on to me all the time, and when I put him down on the floor, he would just freeze when Bailey is close. After some time, when Bailey lost interest in Papi and lay down to sleep, Papi start going around Bailey to sniff, as though he was checking if Bailey is still alive, so so funny

November 23

Sunday morning, we went to Marilyn's place and stayed till noon, and then we started heading back home. DH decided to take a different route through Colorado so he could see his daughter Sarah. We drove through Iowa, Nebraska and stopped there for lunch, continue to drive to Denver, Colorado for a night. Just one more day of driving tomorrow! Yay!

November 24

It is such a wrong choice driving through Colorado in November, we were stuck on the road, driving 5 miles an hour due to snow storm near Vail, Co.

our car is made for Vegas weather, it just too dangerous even we drive 5 miles an hour on icy roads

the scenery outside is beautiful though

my baby is sleeping soundly, it is cold so I wrapped him up with a big towel, he seems very comfortable on my lap, just like a baby

I am so glad I bought this flask form Target, it is so good that keeps the water warm in the flask for nearly 24 hours, so I have hot water almost all the way in the car.

by the time we reached Mesa and Grand Junction, Colorado, DH is in such bad mood that he decided not to stop, the Colorado route supposed to be 2 hours shorter than the southern route we took on our way to Iowa, but because of the snow storm and icy roads, we were delayed 3 hours instead, he was so pissed at himself making the bad decision and that we will be home much later then we planned, we skip seeing Sarah and drive straight home. 

we finally got home near 11 PM, ahhhh.... good to be back to Las Vegas!