Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tokyo, Japan

There are a few cities/countries in the world that I've been to and wish to live there someday soon in this life time. Top of the list is Paris and Japan. Just last month, we got a very short notice that we can be in Tokyo for a few days, we  I jump right to it. So here to share some photos from the last trip to Tokyo, Japan.

We stayed at The Westin at Meguro, this is the view on the 17th floor executive club where I had breakfast and check my emails every morning

I took public transport in Tokyo almost everyday when Randy is at work, The Westin is very close to Ebisu Station, and it is only 4 stops away from Shinjuku, there is this little florist at Shinjuku station, I just want to take everything home if I am allowed to

My friend Airi and I had tea at Pastel, they are famous for their custard, I had one and it was great.

Meji Jingu (Meji Shrine) located in Shibuya, Tokyo, I love these barrels of Sake wrapped in straws at the entrance

especially these few.... aren't they pretty?

In Japan, visitors supposed to rinse your mouth and wash your hand before entering Shrine or temple

I make my husband do this again and again until I get a good shot.... LOL
These wooden plaques are called EMA, worshippers will write their prayers and they will be hanging up at the shrine where the Kami (spirits or gods) receive them. In Japan, the common reasons for buying a plaque are for success in work or on exam, marital bliss, to have children or health.

next stop is Ginza.... where we ate the most delicious tempura meals

and found the yummiest dessert
one of the weird thing we do when we travel, is to visit grocery store, LOL, well, we are just checking out and prepare for our move here someday soon

after Ginza, the driver took us to Shibuya

this place was such an amazing mish-mash of shops, styles and people

the other weird thing other tourist won't do is walk deep into the neighborhood where you see only locals.

We found this very European local restaurant, that reminds me of Kiki, my favorite Japanese cartoon, Kiki is a witch in training, she left home at age 13, and everything is that cartoon is just so European

space is so limited in Japan, just look at this botanical parking space, 

and we still wondering how they get that smart car into that space

I have more pictures to share, hope I get sometime to work on them soon

thanks for stopping by

Movie night

 We went to watch Lincoln the other night, great movie.


Lynette Jacobs said...

Lovely photos Kirsty. You are fortunate to be able to travel and see how the other cultures live.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the pictures of Tokio--- you must be a lucky girl wehn you to travel around teh world!
Have a nice day
hello from Elma

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos, Kirsty! It is good to know that you are enjoying yourself there. Have a great day and enjoy travelling :)

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

I love each and every single photo, Kirsty!! Japan is on my wish-to-visit list! On TOP!!!!! Tokyo must be so very amazing.
Have a sweet Sunday x

Lynnda said...

WOW loving those beautiful photos you share here Kirsty... they are gorgeous.... hugs...xoxo

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos Kirsty! You are lucky to travel and see so many wonderful things. I especially love the florist pictures. Oh and Kiki, we know her, lol, we used to watch it. My daughter is a great fan of this sort of film or anything manga.
Japan is also on our wish list!
Hope you have a great day.
Hugs xx

Ros Crawford said...

Wonderful photos ... some of that food looks weird ... like eyeballs! TFS ... Have a lovely day

~amy~ said...

Awesome pictures!!!!!!! My brother and I travelled to Japan in 2000 and loved it...I want to go back with my kids and momma:)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Such beautiful photos!!! LOVING that smart car one!! I'd like to know how they got it there too! LOL!!!! Looks like it was an amazing trip!!

Stella said...

THanks so much for sharing the photos; Tokyo looks gorgeous. Enjoy your time there:)

Unknown said...

Lovely photos Kirsty, sounds like you really enjoyed yourself there!

Glenda Atkins said...

Fabulous photo's, my son went to Japan when he was in high school a few years back. He took over 400 photos and we couldn't get enough of looking at them. You are so lucky to see these in IRL and thanks for sharing!

lauren bergold said...

as always, your travel photos make me want to swoon first... then pack my bags! what a lovely place to visit or, yes, even to LIVE (assuming there are easy flights to NYC a few times a year!!!) i'm sure you must've you hung up a sign at the temple... for "marital bliss" since you guys are such lovebirds!!! ♥ :) :) :)

Unknown said...

WOW!! So many amazing photos. I really enjoyed them all. What an wonderful trip that must have been. I can see why you would want to live there.


Sylvia said...

Love the photo's Kirsty, everything looks so clean. That was what I loved best about Japan! Love the pictures of Ginza, I got familiar with the down town streets! Have a lovely day.

Sue Lelli said...

LOVE the photos ~ especially since I will probably never visit there and can live vicariously through you!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow! LOVE your photos, Kisty! Thanks so much for taking us on the tour and telling us about all the sights! I absolutely adore this post! Hope you'll share more photos soon!