Monday, February 3, 2014

Year Book 2014 - Project Life Style

OK, I have to tell you, I hold lots of PHD, project half done that is..... let's not talk about the unfinished cards, layouts and albums and traveling photo books, I always have the intention to do a year book, to document all the important events that happened in a year, 2012 is a failure, and then 2013 year book, instead of doing at the end of the year like 2012, where all my memories is fading by the days, I do it whenever I can find time, but it always took so much time for me to do a page, and I am still working on MAY, so you can see, I am playing catch up with year book 2013..... now what can I change to make my year book a success? Well, by doing December Daily 2013, I started a new habit of jotting down small notes on a daily basis, and then get on with the project right away a day or two after, if I am busy, I will then catch up a few pages as soon as I find time,  by using a collection of paper for my December Daily is also an important factor of getting the work done in time, so...... you see, the key is keep it simple as I do spent lots of time matching paper and making my own embellishment most of the time. The conclusion - I am doing my year book 2014, Project Life Style.

I bought 3 collection at one goal, keep it simple, remember? use ready made products, no no, I am not finding excuse for buying these, I have a reason for it right?

It's true!!!! I am keeping up to date so far....

Project Life - January 2014

January is going with Dear Lizzy collection

I also used a smaller album from simple stories snap instead of bigger ones

January 1, 2014

Once again I reminded myself, focus only on Happy Thoughts!

January 2, 2014

Although I wasn't feeling well, the stomach flu is still bugging me, but that didn't stop me from going shopping with Dolce.
I did a blog post for one of our sponsor for the Singapore Group here in Vegas, sent the link to the sponsor and the EVP was very touched by the post and sent a thank you email to me, it is very rewarding to learn that your work was being appreciated.

January 3, 2014

Today mark a special mile stone for us and Papi, I used to be so bothered by how much time I need in order to train Papi, I keep a Papi journal just to jot down what time he do his business, when is the next time I need to take him out for another round, I make sure whoever is watching him jot down the time on the journal etc, it was tiring.... but you know what, he has been good and today, we finally get rid of the Papi journal because we no longer has to worry about it anymore, he is officially house-broken!

Once again, I reminded myself, happy thoughts, happy thoughts because I was feeling a little down, for no reason....

January 4, 2014

It is important to take note on a day like this - I am feeling good again!

We will be taking Papi for his first road trip soon, I am starting to feel a little anxious, thoughts of losing him while we walk him in CA scared me, so we went to Pet Co to get him a tag with my phone number, we also get a second collar, a more secure than the one we had just in case.

as you can see, I am really keeping it very simple and try to use the PL collection as much as possible just to save time and able to get year book done in a timely manner, adding a little die cut and doodling is pretty much all I add to the ready made PL cards

January 5, 2014

I caught Papi sleeping on our bed with Randy, he used to ran away when we tried to pet him, and we figure out that he is the dog that doesn't like to be hold and petted, but Dolce changes everything when she came back home from Paris over the winter break. Now Papi sleeps with us and let us pet him too. Like Randy said - Papi finally become the dog we always wanted, LOL!

January 6, 2014

I bought a bone shape cookie cutter few days ago and make my first batch of dog treat for Papi today

January 7 and 8, 2014

Papi's first road trip!!!!

Papi is such a good boy, he went to the training pad to do his business in the hotel room

sniff and check around the room a little bit but never make any trouble the whole time we were there, no barking, no running wild

and went to his crate after saying night night, and slept the whole night through like a good boy

such a good boy Papi!

we made one stop on our way to CA, spent about 7-8 minutes trying to let him pee on the training pad, but he didn't, so we learn that he knows how to hold for 4 hours and know how to ask if he wanted to, we didn't make any stop on our way back.
Ok, I had to admit, like all Asians, we do not wear shoes at home, and Papi is the same way, we do not walk him outside the house except on our patio, so he is pretty much a very clean dog. When we let him pee on our way to CA, we put newspaper all around at an empty spot at the gas station, so he won't step on oil stain or pick up anything from the ground, and then top with his training pad, that way, his feet stays really clean so we are able to put him on the bed with us. Good that my husband agree to all these things as he is a clean freak as well!

he is so loved

by all of us

Ok, I think this post is getting too long but I warn you, I am up to date with my PL, so there are more to come....


Anonymous said...

Thats realy well done album

Desire Fourie said...

An awesome documentary of your exciting life.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Ros Crawford said...

You've really done so well with your project and with Papi!! Lovely photos ... you can see how much he is loved ...

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Good for you doing PL!! I am LOVING your pages!! They look fabulous!! And Papi is just the CUTEST!! I love him!!!!!

sandi said...

This is coming out so good! PL is for you! Wonderful documenting and great pics.

Davi said...

Kirsty this is such a cool idea, I think journaling your days will make a very exciting album to look back on! Your little Papi sure is cute ;)

lauren bergold said...

oh how awesome! your PL is going to be a TREASURE... well, it is already! *WOW*! and how cool that papi is trained now AND becoming a "people dog"! :) :) :)

ps: PHD is now my favorite acronym... i knew "UFO" (unfinished object) from knitting, but PHD is even better!!! <3

Contagiously Crafty said...

You are encouraging me with your consistency. Keep it up! I love the pages and the thoughts behind it. Time passes so quickly, it's nice to capture a glimpse every now and then.

Tieva-Design said...

You´re january album is so great. Love the fotos and your decoration.

Anonymous said...

That is such a cute journal and I love the way you've simplified things; they look so appealing that way; what an adorable dog!

Audrey Pettit said...

Oh, yay! Good for you, Kirsty! SO glad you are tackling Project Life this year, and SO glad you are keeping it simple for yourself. I love your pages so far! Looking forward to watching your progress throughout the year!

dawn said...

I'm not sure why but the pictures aren't showing up here for me. Seems everyone else could see them though, sad face

I will come back again later and try, might just be on my side.

SOOOOOOO excited about this and can't wait to see!!! YAY!!!

Sue Lelli said...

My FAV part about your posts for project life is seeing the photo before and after you scrap it! Great way to keep up! LOVE the photo of your dh and Papi!

Anonymous said...

Very cute project life pages. I love all your photos. Those last few photos with Papi are all adorable.

Lindsey said...

So impressed with your PL pages..and you are up to date...way to go! I haven't made the jump yet, but I think deep down I know that something like PL is my only hope for documenting our memories.

dawn said...

Hi again, YAY the pictures are showing this time. I'm so happy to see them. The best way to do PL is to just use the kit, so easy and no stress.

I love your daily little pages, how cute and small compared to my bigger size. I'm hoping to go smaller next year. The kits you have are so pretty too!!

How awesome is Papi, glad all went well when traveling and keeping him clean too.

Great job keeping up, can't wait to see more!!
Have a good week, HUGS!!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Well done Kirsty. Papi has really become a central part of your life.

Lynnda said...

Yahooo Kirsty.... Good for you for the PL this year! WOnderful PL... Loving the photos! Papi is cute! hugs...x

Glenda Atkins said...

Fabulous way to keep memories alive!

Maria said...

Adorable project! Love all the photos! Your dog, Papi is so CUTE!

Stella said...

Your post has been a wonderful moment to sit down, read and enjoy. I am not into scrapbooking and Project Life is something I am thinking about. Not on a daily base; a matter of time...and I do not have enough time to work on a PL album on a daily base. I also want to make cards etc... I love this look into your life; you live almost on the other side of the world and being able to see bit and pieces of your daily life is wonderful. Papi is so st.nk.n'cute!!