Thursday, February 13, 2014

Project Life 2014 ~ January 11 - 19

Project Life - January 2014

January 11

We both craving for Bavarian food today, so we went to Hafbrauhaus here in Las Vegas

I had Schweinebraten in Munich back in July, so I order the same thing


Hafbrauhaus Las Vegas

they don't look quite the same and don't taste the same and I take the one in Munich over this any time! Especially those crispy bits, yummy!

January 13

I am beginning to feel a little sad as Dolce will be going back to school in New York soon. I baked her favorite pumpkin pie for her

January 14

Dolce is leaving tomorrow, I feel even more today. This girl is so smart and brilliant in everything she does, a perfect little girl any mom could ask for....

When she came back in the summer, she decided to sew dresses for herself, without any prior sewing experience nor know how to use the sewing machine, she googled online and made this

and then this

and this...

and also the red dress on her

and just in 2 days, she hand-sewn this

and you have to remember, this girl doesn't know how to thread the sew machine before this, no sewing class either, just from reading instruction online and on pattern, isn't she brilliant?

January 15

Today is the day I am sending Dolce to the airport and catch her flight back to NYC, we take a lot of photos with Papi, this girl kiss and kiss Papi, we are all sad to see her go..

January 16

We are taking lots of photos to send to Dolce, I think she misses Papi dearly, this one is Papi fall asleep on my lap, he looks so sweet isn't he?

January 17

Now that both girls are back to college, I have more time in the craft room, Papi just tag along and stay by me in the craft room.

January 18

The sweetest part of Papi is when we said "night night" to him at night, he would just walk into his crate and sleep and the whole night through.

January 19

Today is also the first time we brought Papi to Brenda's apartment, just to prepare him for our up coming weekend get away

I am up to date for project life, since I am on the road and no new project, this is a good time for me to catch up with posting!


Sharing some shots from where I am

The Singapore Flyers

Leisurely strolling down Orchard Road

Financial district by the River

Singapore River

Jelly Baby sculptures by Italian sculptor Mauro Perucchetti on Orchard and near the hotel I stay.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures! Wish you great holidays in Singapore

Denise van Deventer said...

Love your project life and it sure does tell the story! Your daughter certainly created some amazing pieces with her sewing...good on her...clever girl! Love your photo's too as always...the jetsetter at large!!!! LOL

Ros Crawford said...

OMG I can't believe how clever your daughter is!! It's not easy to learn to make those things and to do them never having sewn before is so amazing!! They are not simple designs and that hand sewn bag is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful photos Kirsty ...

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I have owned my machine for OVER 2 years and I still haven't mastered sewing!! WOW WOW WOW! She is AMAZING!! I loveeeeeeeeeee your pages and photos ... everything is gorgeous!!!!

sandi said...

Wow! What a fabulous post! Love your PL pages! The sewing projects look wonderful.....she has done such a fabulous job!!!!!

Contagiously Crafty said...

It is so lovely how you give to us these precious memories and your work to preserve them. It is really wonderful to be able to watch along with your adventures and your struggles as a mom to watch your children return to college. Have a great finish to your trip!

Martina said...

Dear Kirsty, i can't get over this dog - am so in love with hime - he is SUPERCUTE! Lovely post, lovely work, hugs from M.

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Beautiful pics Kirsty and how cute is little Papi!...Your daughter clearly has your creative talents too...Have fun on your adventure!
Susan x

Unknown said...

Dolce made all those things with no experience? WOW that is terrific!!! I bet you will miss her :-(. I see my dd every few weeks and I miss her horribly! Hopefully you will see her before to long! I love your daily!!!

Anonymous said...

Dolce is so pretty and very good at sewing; my favorite is the purse with the buildings on it. She is so talented! Singapore looks very interesting; love the people sculture; they remind me of gummy bears.

dawn said...

Hello Kirsty,

So HAPPY to see these pages. What a great job your doing on them and keeping up. I love that your adding so much journaling, my favorite part. Also that you use your handwriting, love it.

Your daughter is so pretty and SO TALENTED!!! WOW, I can't believe she made all these things. They are beautiful and I realllllllly want a bag like that. It is so sweet, maybe she could make one for me, lol. Tell her she did great!

I love the pictures she sent you too, you can add them to your PL. Hope your enjoying vacation! I would love a little mini vacation somewhere sunny and warm right now. The weather has finally warmed up a bit and the kids had school all week, YAY!!

Take care and thanks for sharing with us. HUGS!

Sue Lelli said...

YES, your daughter is Brilliant! WOW! LOVED catching up on your project life and seeing your sight seeing photos. Fascinated by the jelly sculptures. They aren't really jelly, are they???!

Unknown said...

So many wonderful photos. A wonderful way to document the your year..

Hope you enjoying your time in Singapore..


Lynette Jacobs said...

Well done on keeping upnto date with Project alife. I do love seeing your travel photography. Enjoy my friend.

Audrey Pettit said...

I get so emotional to see your pages and know how much it hurts when your child goes off from home. It's like a little knife in the heart. Your daughters are just amazing. My jaw is hanging open at Dolce's sewing skills! Holy Cow!
Love all your pages and really love to see your fun vacation photos. Those jelly babies are the cutest things!

Stella said...

Your daughter is multi talented and clever. Love love love the dresses she made. Tailor made; wow! And that hand sewn tote is stunning! Love to have a look at Singapore; the photos are gorgeous!
And sweet!

Unknown said...

What a delightful post and I so WANT the blue dress with the white collar!!!

Lynnda said...

Lovely photos and wonderful PL Kirsty!....I miss Spore! Hugs....x

Glenda Atkins said...

I think your daughter takes after her mother with an abundance of talent!