Friday, March 11, 2016

Project Life 2015 ~ December 17 and 18

Project Life 2015

December 17 
It is good to be back home after all those road trips, I just want to stay at home and do nothing today 

December 18

Sister wants to go to the famous Gold and Silver Pawn shop, so today is just a Las Vegas day

the pawn shop do nothing to me

but this picture of my mom sure cracked me up. LOL!

 after the pawn shop, we went to downtown container park

it is Christmas decoration all over at the container park

I love this tree house in the park

 next is the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

 I have to admit this is my first time here even though I have been living in Las Vegas for nearly 6 years.

The sign was designed by Betty Willis, it is a well known Las Vegas landmark.

 we had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant and then home, Dolce will be back this evening, Papi is going to be so happy.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the wonderful pictures!

Ros Crawford said...

Lovely photos!! I love that tree house!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How fun!! I have always wanted to visit the Container Park!!! Maybe the next time we visit!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Adam said...

Funny how you post this at the same time that Chumlee got arrested for several felonies. I don't know anything about his cases but I don't doubt he's guilty. That guy was such a goober.

Bente Fagerberg said...

Las Vegas!! So cool! I'd love to go there one day,... :-)

Linda Breedlove said...

Love this, Kirsty!

Mitralee said...

Lovely project life page!! Super cool photos I love Vegas!

Tieva-Design said...

Great project... This is so much fun.

Lynette Jacobs said...

LOL! Your mom doesn't look impressed. at. all. Loving your photos Kirsty.

Audrey Pettit said...

You guys sure got around and had a ton of fun! Love seeing you all with the iconic Las Vegas sign. :) Your pages are adorable, Kirsty!

Greta said...

Great way to document your family's time with you, Kirsty! Fun to see your pictures!

Contagiously Crafty said...

Such bright, vivid photos. They are fantastic memories of your family visit and I always love to see these glimpses into your days.

Denise van Deventer said...

Love the photo's and love the Las Vegas sign. That's on my bucket list....oneday!!! ;-)