Saturday, September 5, 2015

Project Life 2015 ~ June

I am constantly catching up with my project life, they are done but I just need to find time to post, it has been a long while since I last posted, so this is ....

Project Life 2015 - June

June 3
There is really nothing much happening in June, Dolce is home so we do more cooking and baking, this is my first try on Hokkaido Cupcake, it has been very popular among the Asian food bloggers, I tried one from a bakery in Acadia, CA and now my first try baking them, it was yummy!

"Can I have some please mom?" Papi asked

June 6
We went to the Lennon Sisters tonight. It was a great show!

June 7
Clare and Jared is home this weekend, their favorite place to eat is Korean BBQ

June 9
Clare and Jared is driving back to CA today, I always forgot to take picture until the very last minute, so everyone looked so messy in this picture because they just got up from bed, LOL!

and as usual, Dolce won't let me take any picture of her. (I am so mad!!!!)

June 21
Randy's daughter Sarah and her family came over this weekend, we took them to Floyd Lamb Park.

here's one of the peacock that live in the park

showing off

June 22
Today is the first day of my summer camp, teaching at Shao Lin Cultural Center.

June 29
The traffic light cake is something I had growing up, I tried baking it today, I don't really like the butter cream, maybe I will try a different recipe next time.

Whew..... hope I can find more space here to post my July Project Life soon!

Thanks for reading! : )


Ros Crawford said...

That must take up a lot of time but it looks fabulous and I love your photos!

Adam said...

My dog always watches people eat if they dine in the living room. I once babysat my niece and she was sleeping most of the time. So I ate while watching TV, and my brother's dog and cat stared at me the whole time.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOVING your pages!! The photos are GREAT!! Those foods you have made look DELISH!!!!!!!!

Contagiously Crafty said...

Fascinating to get these glimpses into your days. They will be a treasure one day. I didn't want many pictures of me when my children were little and I regret it now. One day Dolce might feel the same.

Audrey Pettit said...

Love your PL pages, Kirsty! Great mix of fun journaling cards and photos. I am wondering how you get your journaling so perfect on those cards? Do you do that on the computer... or with a typewriter?

Susanne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really enjoyed looking at your PL pages. Fun snaps and such a pretty delicate look to it. But for some crazy reason, I'm now craving something sweet to eat. This may be a dangerous place to visit! LOL

Davi said...

I always love your Project life Kirsty!! You do the most interesting things and your baked goodies look delicious!!

Sylvia said...

I thought I had seen some of these, maybe I did and forgot to comment, seeing your June!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Super fun photos!!

Manuela said...

I want also try one of the cupcakes :-)) they look delicious!
great shots for your June projet life, and the peacock is gorgeous!

Greta said...

I like how you put things together, Kirsty--nice embellishments, too!

Stella said...

Keeping up with a PL album is time consuming. I love to see how you create the most amazing pages. Love your photos! And the cakes; makes me hungry :)

Maria said...

Lovely photos and the best are the ones with family! And, your sweet dog, Papi, too! You are so good at putting them in an album and so neatly organized! I need to get better at getting my photos organized in an album! Take care and have a great week!:-0

dawn said...

So glad I got to see this, I've missed your PL posts!! What a beautiful job you did with the page. Happy memories and family time is the best. That peacock is gorgeous and the ducts are cute. WOW, you are some baker, I can barely make a plain cupcake without burning it.

I always struggle using this page protector style, how did you like it? Good job keeping up with yours even if you aren't posting them. Much better then me, WELL DONE FRIEND!!

Denise van Deventer said...

Your spreads are always so cool Kirsty! The photo's are fabulous too!
I know what you mean about finding time to post...I have lots to share, but finding the time to post is the problem! LOL