Monday, June 8, 2015

Project Life 2015 ~ May 1 to 15

Project Life 2015

May 1
We went to the Kingston Trio's concert again, this is the 2nd time we saw them here in Vegas, they are very very good, it was an enjoyable evening

May 9
Today is Mother's day and I received a bouquet and gift from my son Lione, my son finally got a full time job and able to keep for more than a year, I am so happy for him, I would like that he could come and stay with us 3 months every year but he is getting older, he really needs a full time job rather than part time, although he can't travel now that he has a full time job but I think this is a better choice.

May 11
We sent Papi to a different groomer today because we can't get into our regular one, I don't really like his new cut though, probably not going back to this one again.

May 13
While DH is traveling for work, I stay home and spend some time in my craft room, I made a graduation cap for Papi, he will be wearing this to Clare's graduation at CalArts on Friday.

I baked the Japanese condensed milk bread today, it was soft, fluffy and delicious.

May 14
Today is Dolce's birthday, she is finally 20 years old, it seems like she is in college for a long time but still in her teens, well, even though she is 20, she is still the youngest in college, and just one more year of school, she will be graduating, St John's is now offering her another year to complete her master degree, imagine that, she will only be 21 when she received her MBA.

I made the cap for papi yesterday, today I completed the gown as well. This is what Papi going to wear for Clare's graduation.

and I get a new hair cut today too! too bad I don't have the habit of taking selfie, so I have no photo to show.

I am using the new PL pocket, this one has a fold on the top.

May 15
Today is Clare's graduation at CalArts, we drive to LA with Papi for the special occasion.

Papi was waiting patiently for Clare to come pick him up

Jared is graduating too, we are so happy for both of them, and so very proud too.
Clare received scholarship throughout her 4 years in college, and she also worked as an RA at CalArts for her pocket money, she has become a responsible adult, I am so proud of my Clare Bear!

after the graduation, we went to their apartment to take a look, it was a nice place. We stay there for a night and will be heading to Yosemite National park tomorrow morning.


Greta said...

Wonderful pictures, Kirsty! Such a gorgeous bouquet from your son & cute graduation pictures!

Lux G. said...

Congrats to the new graduates!
That's a cute doggie by the way. :)

Ros Crawford said...

Not only are you super talented in so many things but one amazing Mom too!! Many congrats to you and your girls!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I just love Papi's little cap and gown!! Sooooooooo cute!!! LOVING all the photos!! And congrats to your son on his full time employment!!!!

Sylvia said...

Beautiful photo's and memories, Kirsty, Papi is the best! So glad you have him as company! Happy Monday!

Bente Fagerberg said...

Lovely way of preserving memories. Looks like you had a lot going on lately, and all of it nice ! :-) Congrats on the graduates!

alexandra s.m. said...

Congrats on you DD's big day (our Gabrielle graduated too)
Love you PL page Kirsty!

Stella said...

You are such a wonderful mother and so very talented. Be proud of yourself and your children. I love love love the graduation outfit you made for Papi! It must be tough for you not having your son nearby. I know he's grown up; but he lives far away in Asia.... I get an idea how it must feel for you. XX

Lynette Jacobs said...

You captured some stunning memories Kirsty...Papi is so cute.

Denise van Deventer said...

Love your spreads and photo's! That Japanese condensed milk bread looks absolutely yummy! Maybe you wouldn't mind sharing the recipe with me? Thanks so much! ;-)

Audrey Pettit said...

Aw, your kids are all doing so well for themselves! Must make you so proud! And little Papi could not be cuter in his graduation outfit! Great job making that, and on the bread, too...that looks so yummy! Love your pages! The new flip top is super cool!

Maria said...

Wonderful photos, Kirsty! Huge congrats to Clare and Jared on their graduations! And, for your son on his job! Your bread looks so yummy...mmm! And, Papi just couldn't be any more sweet and proud in his graduation outfit!:-)

Manuela said...

wonderful post and photos. Papi looks so cute in his graduation dress :-)

dawn said...

Hello, so nice to see your fun pages!! You are doing so good with it again this year and filling the bigger pages well too. I am so behind on mine again, UGH!!! That Papi is so darn cute! I always want my kids with me too, wish they didn't have to work, more fun when they were little.

Hope all is going well with you and family. We are enjoying summer break and having Kristin home now too. Weather has been warm and cold, which is ok with me. We have strawberries growing like crazy so eating lots of them too.
Take care and thank you for visiting my blog. xo

Andie Miller said...

It is such a nice thing that we are not only inspired by your post, but get this glimpse into your days. Great pages and the other commenter's are right, you are such a good, caring and kind mom. Thanks fo sharing!