Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Project Life 2014 ~ October 23 to 31

Project Life 2014

October 23
It is lots of work making croissant, I stayed at home and spent 9 hours just to do that. You have to roll and fold, leave it in the fridge for an hour or so, and then take it out to roll and fold again, repeat the process a few times to get all those layers..... but hmmm... folding all those butter in there, yum yum...

nothing beats homemade croissant fresh from the oven

October 26
Today I took my 3rd and last class at Sur la Table, it is homemade doughnuts

we learn 4 kinds of doughnuts in class, baked doughnut with poppy seed and lemon glaze, I never thought that I would like a baked doughnut but it was surprisingly good.

and then the classic deep fried with powdered sugar, yum

and this one is with maple glaze, yummy too

I forgot to take picture for the gluten free ones, since Clare is a vegan, I might make that for her.

October 28
Papi went back to the same groomer today, this time is not as good as the first time, but still look very cute, don't you think?

when he is not at home, the house seems so quiet, no one following me around : (

October 30
I put what I learn in class to use today - baked poppy seed doughnut with lemon glaze

Lemon zest always smells so good

Oops... who took a bite before I take picture? : 0

must be GOOD!

and I brought some for my friends in the afternoon

October 31
We have been letting Papi out to the backyard these days, he love running out there and chasing birds, and this morning, he just fell into the pond by accident, I didn't see what happened but when I heard the sound of the water, I turn and saw him peddling a few stroke and then hop up to the rocks by himself, I quickly grab a towel and warm him up, poor boy, he must be shocked (of course there is no time for the camera when things like that happened)

Today is the first time I attended a Halloween Party at my friend's house, I dressed up as Audrey Hepburn

and cook graveyard tex max chilli for the party

and pandan coconut cupcakes too

this is Jason, the host

and some other pictures from the party

there were 2 dead bodies lying in front of his garage when we arrived at the scene

here are 2 group photos, adults and the kids


Elborgi said...

your cookies seams delicious


Manuela said...

great post with fun photos. I bet the doughnuts and croissant was the work worth! they look yummy!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving all the photos from your pages!! You as Audrey = PERFECTION!!!!!!!

Sylvia said...

You are making me so hungry, Kirsty with all the yummy food. I think my favorite would be the green cupcakes! Your photo's and journaling is wonderful. Are you finishing up your first year? I would not get by one month. Your Papi is still adorable, don't you just something loveable in the house! Happy Thursday!

Charlene said...

WOW your making me hungrey!! Those look yummy esp the croissants!! All that butter! And your halloween looks like so much fun! They went all out!!! Pappi looks adorable!! Are you going to take anymore cooking classes?

Wendy Green said...

Oh my how yummy this all looks!!!!

Ros Crawford said...

What a fun post filled with lovely photos ... Your baking looks amazing!! So delicious!
About gluten free ... My SIL has coeliac disease that means she cannot have anything with gluten (wheat) in it or she would be very ill. She was recently in the USA and they seem to think that gluten free is vegetarian i.e. no meat so I am surprised when you write it too ... Gluten is from wheat

Pat (mspfd) said...

Really enjoyed your photos and stories behind them. Your baking looks amazing.

Tieva said...

Looks so yummy, I would taste some!

Leigh Penner said...

Okay, your photos were totally making me hungry.... until I got to the Halloween photos! LOL! Great photos & PL pages!

viktoria N said...

Wonderful post, Kirsty! So many yummy things... it is great to can cook such delicious Sweets!
Your Picture from Halloween Party is so nice!

Lady Lilith said...

The coursants look amazing. I love homemade pastries.

Diane said...

Oh Kirsty you are a brave soul, I too have made croissants from scratch. What wonderful pictures and fun post.

Hugs diane

Sue Lelli said...

LOVE how you show the photos with the story and then show your PL page! YOU look so Glam! Did you only learn how to make the high calorie goodies! ALL looked so Yummy!

Davi said...

You had a busy October Kirsty and a fun one too! I love when you share your daily life, your yummy goodies are divine and the party looks like it was a real hit! And your Papi what a sweetheart he is :)

Greta said...

Wow--what a post, Kirsty! Papi steals the show--such a cutie! Your goodies are making my mouth water--gotta get some Sherbet before I read any more blogs--LOL!

Denise van Deventer said...

Your yummies look super yummy and those croissants look amazing! Super photo's too...your Halloween one's were super fun and love your look! ;-)

Audrey Pettit said...

I so love the stories that go along with your PL pages and photos, Kirsty! LOVE your Halloween costume and party photos, and your handmade treats are so amazing. How fun it must have been to take those cooking classes. And of course little Papi is always a cutie pie, too!

Juls said...

Fun pictures and great pages :-) xx

Andie Miller said...

Great Project Life! It's always fun to get this peek into your days. Lovin' th e Sur La Table pictures.

dawn said...

Hello again, YAY for more PL, such fun pages these are. Great job on the new baking skills, they all look YUMMY! Lots of photos in your album now, great size I think.
Poor Papi, that would scare me for sure. Now he knows how to swim, YAY!

Lovely glittered frames above too.
Hope you are doing well and enjoying the holidays.
Take care. HUGS!

Bożena Adamusińska said...

So there was a party ... fear to be afraid! But the graveyard cake cool! I hope that as clearly written - I do not know English, so I use the translator.