Sunday, June 15, 2014

Our Beautiful World 51 ~ By the Seashore

This week at

Robyn picked the prompt that is so close to my heart.

Yes, I am more of a "water" person than the "mountain". I like to live close to the water, that was my dream since I was a little girl, I often dream of having a tiny house near the water.

When I lived in New York City, I walked to the Hudson a lot, a lot of times when I was alone and feeling down and a lot of times when I just walked with some of my best friends having fun.

Then the last one year and a half in the East Coast, we lived in Jersey City, which I have to take the Path, a underground train that goes under the Hudson river, it was 4 minutes away from the World Trade Center (Twin Tower) in NYC, when we walked out of the train station, the Hudson is just there, we usually walked along the river to get home, it was a 5 minutes walk of joy every single time.

I also have the opportunity to live by the Atlantic Ocean for a short period of time, that was the Jersey Shore, Long Branch, New Jersey to be exact, we rented a house off season and have the ocean all by ourselves, that was the good old days, we are looking forward to go back there someday soon, I don't know when, but I do hope that it is real soon because I can feel that I am dying out in the desert. Unfortunately, my computer crushed in 2009 and I lost all of my photos so I no images of that except those in my mind.

San Francisco is the nearest I can get to the Ocean after moving to the desert, so my photo today is from San Francisco

Every time when we are in San Francisco, I just need to go to the water just feel that I am alive again.

What about you? Do you like living by the water or the mountain? Come tell us at


Davi said...

Great pic for the prompt Kirsty!!
Interesting about living in New York and your love for the water. Do you ever go out to the Lake?? When I was in Boulder for a short time I liked to walk along the lake :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhh I used to love to walk along the Hudson! LOVING that photo!!!!!

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Kirsty, fond memories always of the beach as a child, for me too and the seagulls will be at the seashore wherever you may be in the world, skimming low over the water or wading in the shallows, here they are always after a treat if you hace a picnic. Hugs Robyn

Tieva said...

I love spending my vacations on teh sea. Thanks for the picture.

Manuela said...

Hi Kirsty, i can understand your opinion to move back to the water.
It's also our dream to live on day close to a coast although we love also the montains.
great shot!
Have a great week, Manuela

Ros Crawford said...

What a lovely photo ... I can understand how you feel ... I could never live in the desert ... I have to have greenery and water near ... I do hope that someday soon you will be back where your heart is

Ira Huberts said...

I can so relate to your story Kirsty, for being near the water is always relaxing, calm, soothing and nice. And I'd be needing our garden, as well, of course, wouldn't be able to live without trees, shrubs and flowers either. Take care, Ira
Ira’s Crea Corner

Alexa T said...

Interesting question!! ... living by the water or the mountain? I guess: both of them... for a person living in a city that is at a distance of 6 hours from the Black Sea and at around 3 hours from the near mountains area... Lovely post of today, Kirsty! Have a great week ahead! Alexa T

Milagros C Rivera said...

I guess for me it's both since we are such a small island I can get to have them side by side!

Ein wenig hiervon & davon said...

Kirsty, thanks for this great theme!
I planed a post about my time in the Netherlands and you posted today exactly this theme ;-)
I like your foto, the seagulls a so pretty!
Have a happy day ... Frauke

Sue Lelli said...

FAB photo, Kirsty. I am a beach girl, too, however turquoise water does it for me! LOVE the seagulls, too!

Greta said...

It's so interesting how we all like different environments. I'm a mountain & lake girl, but I do appreciate the ocean & I love rivers, too. Great San Fran picture, Kirsty!

Sylvia said...

The sea gulls are so lovely, Kirsty, I am a big fan of the beach! Hope you had a great Father's Day!

Andie Miller said...

Such a peaceful picture- one of the best parts of the seashore is how calming it is. We only visit the seashore, but I think I might pull out some recent pictures and join the fun over at A Beautiful World. Thanks for the inspiration.

Lynette Jacobs said...

Beautiful photo Kirsty. I am also a salt water girl ;-)

Linda R said...

What gorgeous photos Kirsty, I feel the same way about the Ocean. I think the ocean is good for the soul. We are really close to a lake here in Estes park. But it doesn't have the same feel as the ocean.