Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sugar....oh honey honey


{photo: Cafe Glashaus - Grafing, Germany - July 2013}

Oh, who doesn't like Sugar?

Even I considered myself a more savory than sweet person, but I still enjoy my sugar.

We all know that Sugar added sugar is the single worst ingredient in the modern diet, but admit it, they are everywhere in the food we consumed.

{Photo: Glashaus - Grafing, Germany - July 2013}

Well, I am not one that can keep to a strict diet, but I do want to eat a little healthier, so.....

I started a NO SUGAR week last Friday, May 16.

{Photo: best mango cheesecake I had in Grafing, Germany - July 2013}

You'll never know how much sugar you put in your body until you "cannot" have them!

Yes, every morning, I crave for the honey in my green tea, I miss my jelly on the toast once in a while, and the worst time is when we went to our fried chicken place and I can't drink soda.

{Photo: Spezi - Munich Germany - August 2013}

and was difficult when I found a cinnamon bun ice cream recipe online that I wanted to try so badly

{Photo: Yummy gelato we had in Grafing, Germany, August 2013}

and of course, there is no baking at home for the entire week

{Photo: homemade peanut butter cake}

I do take natural sugar found in fresh fruits.

I am Proud to tell you

that I've completed my NO SUGAR week.

You might ask, why 7 days and not cut down completely

well, I don't want to live a life that I can only stare at all the yummy and delicious dessert, and then crave for it so badly that I'll go overboard with it, I just want to cut down some sugar intake in a easier, and best way that I can accomplish. If I can do this once every month, imagine.... I am cutting a quarter of the sugar intake, that is something! Oh, did I mention that I also lost 2 pounds this week by just not eating sugar?

The thing is, my husband felt bad for me and bought doughnut the first morning I allowed sugar in my life again, but no.... I didn't go for it like I was deprived.

Ok, I am done with my Sugar talk, maybe I'll do a NO DEEP FRIED FOOD week next?


Sylvia said...

Love the photo's and the story behind no sugar, Kirsty! My husband had to limit his sugar to just fruits and some he can not eat. We found Truvia, a natural source from the Stevia plant. Now he has his lemonade made with it and loves his blender drinks with all sorts of fruit. It tastes sweet, but is not as sweet as sugar. As for no fried foods, been doing that for a long time, just every once in a while, I fix fried chicken, but it has to be homemade! Enjoy your weekend!

Alexa T said...

Indeed, such interesting story about sugar as an nutrition issue... And so lovely photo instants!! i'm always in reducing of the amount of sugar... in my morning coffee, but happily I can't see myself as a big consumer... I actually like salty items, and spicy foods.... nocive as well as nutrition elements & additives if the quantity is over normal... Have a great weekend!

Ros Crawford said...

Well done to you ... You don't need to lose weight though ... you are a perfect princess ... Love seeing the photos - have a great weekend

Lynette Jacobs said...

Nom...nom. I have a very sweet tooth and your photos have my mouth watering.

Contagiously Crafty said...

Good on you, Kirsty! I sometimes go without as well and I ow I feel better when I do. You captured the love-hate relationship very well.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Good for you my friend!!!!!!

Little Wandering Wren said...

Phew, bet you're glad that week is over!!! Well done you! Wren

Unknown said...

You're so right, there's lots of sugar in almost everything we eat (and salt for that matter, too!) So good of you to keep up your schedule Kirsty!
Ira’s Crea Corner

Anonymous said...

all is looking so delicious!

Unknown said...

Very delicious pictures )) No sugar week..., well, for me it is impossible. I can't live without it. For example, I don't understand how can people drink tea without sugar? ))

Kirsty, it is so good of you! ))

Manuela said...

Wow, good for the body to stopp eat it, but i think it's quite hard to stopp eating it, because sugar is almost in everything. But you can be proud of your self to bear this up for a time.
the photos are beautiful and delicious :-)

Sue Lelli said...

No sugar? I would die! Fried food maybe!

Juls said...

Nom Nom!!! Hugs Juls

Denise van Deventer said...

Good on ya...don't think I would have managed! I also try and cut down on sugar, but it does not always work! I also have a sweet tooth, so sometimes it's not easy! But yes, a little less everyday, must surely be a good thing! ;-)

Audrey Pettit said...

It really is amazing how much sugar we consume, isn't it? Even in things that don't necessarily seem so sweet or dessert-like....
Good for you for cutting back! I am trying to cut back, too, but haven't gone for any sugar-free diets yet...just seems so hard! But wow, congrats on losing two pounds in one week! That is awesome!
And LOVE your photos, too!

Stella said...

I think you did a great job. Yes we are eating lots of sugar; it's hidden in a lot of food. I have diabetes ( mildly; just one tablet a day to reduce the effects and keep me healthy) but I definitely cut off sugar from my daily foods. And sometimes I allow myself to eat something sweet. A little treat:) The doctor allowed me to do that.
And cutting down sugar one week each month is a big step. Good job! Well done!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness.. NO SUGAR. I have been with you to some bakeries and I know you love your sugar just like I do. That had to be tough. I LOVE all your photos of the sweet indulgences here. And what a great idea to just step away for a bit. Now Deep fried that a whole different story.. Heehee..

Such a great post my friend.