Friday, September 7, 2012

Even the darkest night will end....

I make this post specially for a dear friend

who is hurting right now




hope this cheer her up a bit

{ click and enjoy }

Even the darkest night will end

and the sun will rise 

~ Victor Hugo

♥ ♥ ♥

Hey you......

I know you are feeling down

don't sit there and watch the sunset all by yourself

why don't we just pack our bags




let's meet in Paris

we are going to stay at the nicest hotel in town

that has the sweetest room 



this one

and this is what we see

when we look out of the window

we are going to put on our 

pretty dresses...

and go have a drink....

and when we are hungry

we could have dinner at this lovely place



should be on our list too

when we wake up next morning

we could take a walk 


maybe bring a picnic basket or two....

Such a nice thing to walk along 



admiring the 



and look for 


to photograph

when it gets too cold

we could go inside 

and have some hot cocoa


a piece of 

chocolate cake


later in the evening

we could go to 



a little retail therapy really can cure the blues 

we might go get some of those 


Parisian Macarons

as I heard eating something really indulgent could cure a crappy day too

maybe we do the opera if we have time

and we could end our day with chatting away by the pool


is not all sunshine and rainbows

 but isn't it 


when you find 

a friend 

who shares so many things in common with you

and wish that you feel







Lynnda said...

Gorgeous Blog Post Kirsty!!! Thanks for sharing with all of US.... makes us ponder...and embrace today.... hugs...xoxo

Anonymous said...

a friend can be happy to have such friend like you who shares all of this wonderful things!

Linda R said...

Who ever this friend is she is lucky to have you!! What a touching post..


Shahrul Niza said...

BEAUTIFUL, Kirsty!!!. I hope your friend can have a little smile now. Wait ... can I come along too? :)). Hugs.

Ros Crawford said...

Do you know you have me crying all over my keyboard? You are the kindest sweetest friend ... and you too are LOVED xxx The most beautiful post ever .... ♥♥♥♥♥

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Beautiful post Kirsty... I am sure you lifted your friends spirits with this!!! You are such a wonderful person!!!!!

sandi said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! That is one lucky friend!

Audrey Pettit said...

You are such a good friend, Kirsty! :)

Lynette said...

Such a lovely post even made me feel better;-)

Ira Huberts said...

Oh Kirsty, what a dear, sweet, loyal friend you are, your post really touched to my very core, you really are a true friend and your friend will feel the same way about you, too. Thanks for this sweet, caring post, if only more people were like you, what a wonderful world we would have... Love, Ira ♥

Sylvia said...

What a beautiful post, Kirsty, you are a special person for sure. Your photo's are fabulous and the words to go with them wonderful, so uplifting! Have a wonderful Friday!

♥Jan♥ said...

How blessed we all are, to read your words, and think of the love we can send out, not only to your precious friend, but to any friend of ours who is hurting. Girlfriends, what a wonderful idea God had.

Sleepy Stamper said...

Oh my goodness this is the sweetest post ever! I hope your friend's day is a little brighter because of it! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post:-)

Sharm Nidyanandan said...

Oh my god! This is a very beautiful blog post Kirsty! It really brought a smile to my face...beautiful! Tfs! :)