Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Learning something everyday

I listened to the kind advice from my dear blog friend Sylvia - plenty of water, fruits and rest, and I can already tell I am making some improvement today, thanks Sylvia!!!

If you remember I had a 500 cards project days before Christmas, well, it is my biggest order, and it is an important one, as the card I made actually went to some high government officials back home in Singapore, including our Prime Minister, so it is THE order that I pretty much love to have even though I do not enjoy making 500 of the same thing.

Here's the story -
The order came in on a Thursday night, I accepted it almost immediately and need to make as many sample cards as possible in an hour or two, I put away all things and whipped up 7 cards, I am showing a few. When I made those sample, I told myself, I need to make something that I am able to find supplies easily, it is Christmas weekend and I only have 3 days for this project,  it needs to be flat with no heavy bulky embellishment.

 here's card # 1

card # 2

card # 3

card # 4

card # 5

not showing # 6 and 7 as I don't even like them myself

Realizing I made some mistakes on the sample by using the color RED as it is not suitable for that particular event.
The buyer pick the first card but want a different color, no red, no pink.
I then made card # 1 with blue

but they requested blue dots on cream base and cream card, so this was followed ...

ok, they accepted so I got the job.
I started immediately, and not long after that, I learn my mistake!!!

This card has a stamped background, when I made the sample, I am thinking if I have a stamped background, I do not have to worry about supplies, 500 cards, boy, I won't be able to get it done over the christmas weekend and sent out my order on Monday, which is the deadline for this project. I basically have 3 days to work on 500 cards. Little that I know this stamped background is a stupid choice of mine.

Now, the polka dots are clear stamp image, I need to stamp 5 times (2 rows of dots each time) to get one card done, 5x500, I need to go over the same action 2500 times to get it done, and this is not counting if I make mistake on one row and had to start all over on a new piece of paper. 

ok, I am using this the dew drop ink pad in blue
on this clear stamp from PTI (the 5th one from the top)

can you imagine how many time I have to dapped that tiny ink pad onto the clear stamp to get 2 rows of dots? I can't even tell, my fingers all end up sored after I don't know card # WHAT?

Anyway, what i am trying to say here is, when I know it is a 500 cards project, I should not provide a sample that needs that much work, especially it is a job need to be done in 3 days! ok, I learn that lesson after 500 cards (552 to be exact because I picked out 52 cards that I wasn't happy with, and make another 52 to make up the number.

My sewing machine actually broke along the way, so that is one thing I won't use on a 500 cards project too!

We all learn something everyday don't we?


I hope I have something NEW to share tomorrow, but for now, you might want to hop over to
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june lanum said...

all the caeds are just adorable

Angi @ CokiePop said...

Beautiful designs. Love that "flying" butterfly on the first one. :)

Tracy said...

It must have been stress central in your little craft room! So sorry that your honor of being asked to make the cards became such a difficult task. But like you said, you learned several things for future projects and the card turned out lovely. :-)

Deb Hickman said...

All the cards were lovely,it must have been very stressful but what an honor to be asked.
Glad you're feeling a bit better.

Deb x

Ros said...

Gosh Kirsty .. I am exhausted just reading this ... amazing!! We all live and learn ... your cards are lovely and you got the job done which is the most important thing ... Well Done! get well soon ...

Pauline said...

Oh my goodness! 500 cards in 3 days??? Amazing feat, and a lovely design too. It must have given you neck ache, and backache let alone your fingers! A job well done!

Rachael Funnell said...

All your cards are Super Cute!!Gee 552 cards later... Well Done!

teacher jessy said...

Oh wow!! You are a hero for doing 500 cards in 3 days! Glad they liked the card & hope u can get some rest now. It's a beautiful one :)

Joanne Leddy said...

You were my Hero before and now you're my Superhero - with a long flowing cape! (Probably with some glitter and prima flowers sewn on it!)

Sue Lelli said...

WOW! What a compliment to YOU! And all are FAB! The real challenge is making them all FLAT when we all know how much you LOVE your embellies! Glad you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

WOW Kirsty...
what an honor to be picked
the cards are beautiful
feel better soon :)

Linda R. said...

Oh my goodness, I am so tired just reading this.. That is a crazy amount of cards in that amount of time.. You are awesome.

It is so good to hear you are feeling better..

Hugs, Linda

sweet craf-tea chick said...

ohmygosh kirsty, all i can say is that you're AWESOME girl :)!!! so amazing to complete all those cards. i wish i could do that :)!
i love your samples too. so pretty!
thanks for sharing and hope you feel 100% soon.
*hugs* steph :)

Carol's Ink Spot said...

3 days? 500 cards? OMGoodness! Congratulations on accomplishing this. The card chosen is very pretty. I actually like the red butterfly one. But what a feat! All those polka dots! I don't think I'd want to look at the stamp set for a very long time. Remember - pattern paper works well for doing this the next time!

Amelia Khalik said...

Thanks for sharing this precious info kirsty. And u did amazing with the cards! I salute u!!! :))

Lea said...

Wow, what a story! Such a great opportunity, although it sounds quite stressful. Love the card though!

Craftylicious said...

whoa!! 500 cards!!! I must say you did a fantastic job! your sample cards are reli sweet too!! :)

Cheryl Nelson said...

holy moly you must have been seeing dots in your sleep!! What a great story. Love ALL the samples you provided. I don't know how they ever were able to choose. I'm so glad you are feeling a bit better!

Lynnda Hosni said...

OH MY... YOU ARE SUPER... SUPER NOT MAN...LOL...WOMAN...I cant do it...let alone thinking about it..Kirsty you are a hero for doing 500 cards in 3 days! Am happy you got the JOB...and they liked the card get plenty of me thats the only CURE...hugs and Kisses...xoxo

Ira said...

Good heavens girl, 500 cards!?! Your hands are working overtime here!! Great samples though, hope you get some rest squeezed in there somewhere :-)

Stella said...

Reading the story about this huge project I'm even more impressed. You did a fabulous job; wow!

Gail said...

All the Thank You cards are pretty ,I can not believe you took the time to stamp all the spots on the paper.