Friday, April 16, 2010

Little Bluebird, Little Bluebird

I remember my sister loves Precious Moment
I found this little bluebird from one of my Precious Moment scrapbooking stash bought many years ago, and I think it makes this card really cute, don't you think so?
I created this card with my sister in mind, she lives more than 9,500 miles away from me, yes, I am not kidding, it is 9,531 miles to be exact!
I miss her sometimes!

This card is also created for The Cuttlebugspot Challenge - Bling
Stop by their blog and have fun!


Geri said...

What a sweet little card!! (I would die if my sister was that far away!!) You left a sweet comment on my most recent card. Thank you! I would be curious to know how you found me...I didn't see a card from you in The Shabby Tea Room...that's usually where people find me because it's the only challenge I find time to do! (I know, that's sad!) But, anyway, thanks so much for visiting me...hope I'll hear from you again...and keep up the good work, yourself!

Michele Gross said...

I just love that little birdy-sooooo cute! I totally love challenges and just found your challenge site a few minutes ago. Sooo, now I will be following you AND I'll just have to see if I can get something put together to play along! Yay!