Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fun Gal ~ Fun Challenge

I have been secretly following Kimberly Kesti's blog for a while, she is such fun, and guess what, she has a challenge going on now, why don't you hope over to join in the fun!

Sketch _30_Kim K.
Here's the sketch I am using for her blog challenge.

This flower that came out from my key chain is finally put into good use!


Heather Jensen said...

So pretty! Love that crochet flower. :)

Linda Robinson said...

I also love the crochet flower! The embossed happy birthday really pops. I need to emboss a little more!

Keith and Kim Kesti said...

How adorable is this? And you're such a doll for being for playing along. I think I need to hear about how the flower fell off the key chain? Hee, hee.