Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 in Review

Time flew by and I can't believe that 12 months have passed. December had been crazy busy, family is here and the house is filled with people, at one point, ten of us and two dogs. Now that only Mom and Lione is here, life is sort of back to normal, it has to be, I am going back to work next week.

Thanks for connecting here with me and sharing so many things in 2015, here's a post to sum up.....

2015 in Review


I have 242 posts in 2015
make 127 cards but only 10 layouts

In March, I met
 Samra in real life

I will be in Europe this May, hopefully, I can meet up a few more blog friends?

December was a busy month when family came visiting from Singapore, the blog was pretty much slow down, that makes me realized that if I blog less, will I have more time doing other things instead? We'll see!


Buying too much, something needs to be change. Crafting supplies not only stretch to the garage, it took up some new spot in Clare's room as well, I even dive in to Copic Markers in December, seriously, am I crazy?

I do have a plan, I am going to cut down on crafting supplies, PTI and MFT are my two big investments, LOL! I am going to limit myself to just 6 purchases this year, and hopefully, no more paper this year, not even when they are 10 cents per piece, do you think I can do it?


January - San Francisco
January - Livermore, CA to see George Winston's concert
February - San Jose - Singapore Community Day
April - Grand Junction, CO
May - Valencia for Clare's graduation
May - Yosemite National Park
July - Singapore
October - Grand Junction, CO
October - Aspen, CO
December - San Francisco
December - Yosemite National Park
December - Pacific Coast Highway
December - Grand Canyon, AZ

Ever since we got Papi, leaving home is tough for me, but I do have tickets to NYC and Rome bought, Milan, Venice, Burano and Berlin are on the list right now, maybe a wedding to attend in Singapore too, but they are not road trip, that means Papi is not coming along, so I am really not very excited at this moment. I do looking forward to visit Yellow Stone National Park though.

Family and Friends

I am glad that Lione and I did more traveling in December, this way, I get a lot more photos with him

Clare came home a few times this year, she graduation in May, got a place with Jared, I am happy for her. She became a foster parent of Lila in December, the minute I saw Lila's photo, I knew that Clare will adopt her eventually, she did! Lila had some bad history, so she is a dog with problem, that bring lots of stress into Clare's life, this month when she was home, there were a lot of issues, that makes me so sad,  but these are things that I can't change so I am just praying for Clare, hope that life would be easier for her, and that she understands that I love her as much.....

Dolce will be graduating in May, she starts interning at PWC this month, will be going on a business program in Rome and Florence again, her school offered her another year to earn her Master degree, this girl who is getting her master degree is not even old enough to play at the casino yet, she is simply brilliant.

Can there be any greater love that we feel for our children?

Through the years we all will be together....


We have quite a bit of visitors this year, Andy was here in January, and then came again in November with his girlfriend Dawn.
Marilyn was here in February, and then visited again with Angie and Chad in September
Steve came in March
Sarah and her family in June
December is filled with people from Singapore, Mom, sister, Jesse, Clare came home with Catherine and Dolce brought her friend Ming.


somebody is two and a half years old, isn't he cute?

Papillon has been to many road trips with us this year, DH sometimes laugh as he joked "Papi has been to more places than my grandma"

Outdoor Fun

We did one hike and one picnic this year, I enjoyed so much and that makes me wonder, why didn't I do it more. 

Important Events

March - Passing of Singapore founding father Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

May - Clare graduated from CalArts


The Big Short
Ricki and the flash

Not a lot this year, the recent one was The Big Short, we went to the Theatre with recliner chair, and during the month of December when I was so busy with house guests, sure enough, I slept through the movie, but DH enjoyed it though.


February -  Donny and Marie show
April - Barry Manilow
May Kingston trio
June - Lennon sisters


I like the simple things in life and want to spend more time enjoying life's simple pleasures.
I need to decide what is more important in my life and eliminate the things that really don't matter.
Visit at least one NEW national/state park this year
Cut down on crafting supplies, those I have at home could last me for more than one life time, if I can't part with them, I should not add new ones to the stash!
NO SUGAR week has been going on for one and a half years now, hooray for cutting down on the bad white stuff.


alexandra s.m. said...

What a beautiful recap' and I hear you about the crafting supplies ;)
I hope all your dreams come true in the new year Kirsty!

Greta said...

Wonderful pictures, Kirsty! Looks like you've had a great year & Papi's 2 1/2 yr old photo is just wonderful! I'm also cutting down on craft purchases as I have enough for many lifetimes! Fingers crossed I'll win some gc to get a few new things this year!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the wonderful pictures! you have a lot plans - hope you can realitze all-- cant believe that you dont buy papers!

Juls said...

Lovely to see highlights from last year . Looking forward to seeing what this year brings xx

Martina said...

Happy new year dear Kirsty! I hope 2016 has many more lovely memories in store for you. Stay creative and have a funtastic week!

Ros Crawford said...

What a great post - such a full year you've had! I loved seeing your photos, especially your family one. Your children are beautiful! Well done on the sugar thing ... It really needs to be addressed properly ... I can't believe what they are allowed to put sugar in, when it comes to food and no health warnings!
Enjoy your day and good luck with no more unnecessary craft supplies! Lol!

Contagiously Crafty said...

What a wonderful summary! Beautiful pictures and a reminder to us all to step back and assess what is important to us. We are so unreasonably blessed. May 2016 be filled with such joy! I'll join you in the no paper purchases. Happy New Year, Kirsty.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loved looking back on your year! LOVING all the photos!! I hope you have an amazing 2016 my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda said...

Wonderful series of photos, Kirsty! You look beautiful! :)

Audrey Pettit said...

What a wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing, Kirsty! It's always amazing how much a year holds, and yet how quickly it passes. Here's hoping for many fabulous adventures in 2016!

Tieva-Design said...

Thanks for sharing all those great moments in your life with us.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful post Kirsty! Great pics! I love MFT but I cant justify their prices....there a lot more then PTI. If they were more affordable Id buy more, I'm with you, the craft stuff has taken over! Buying stuff to organize! Happy New Year!

Adam said...

nice photos of your adventures

Samra said...

Awww, Kirsty, what a nice recap, and I am so happy and honored that I have met you! We need to find time and get together this year!


Sylvia said...

What a nice review of your year, Kirsty! Love all the pictures and yes, it is a lot of travel! Me, I am content at home! Happy 2016 and may it really bring you blessings!

Stella said...

Kirsty this has bene so much fun to read and look at your photos. I especially love the family photos. Girl you had a busy year; pfew!

Manuela said...

great review and lovly photos from you and you family and the landscape.
Papi looks good at the sea
cute shot from Lila with the pig and bunny :-)
hope the time brings less stress with Lila for Clare.
which places are you going to visit in europe?

Sharon Fritchman said...

Awwwwww! I loved your year in review!

Lynette Jacobs said...

I love your year in review...and I love your photos. Nothing will ever top your love for your children.(except your love for your grandchildren). With our currency turning to junk I will be forced to cut down on spending on scrappy stash.