Monday, January 5, 2015

December Daily 2014 ~ December 11 to 19

We went to Olivia Newton John's concert on Saturday, at 66, she is amazing, lose a bit of her voice but  the show was make up with fabulous backup singers and she sang all my favorite hits, especially those from "Grease", reminded me of my high school years back in the late 70s, ahhhh...... wonderful show after all!

I've decided to step down from LESSology Challenge Blog this year, just for a change. I never like to do things in the same routine and I have been on the team since they started probably 3 years ago? It was fun and I love all the projects and challenges, but I also want to get out of the same cycle. Well, let's get on with my project today.

December Daily 2014

December 11

I went shopping for things in my new painted dining room today, got the shelf, the bracket, the photo frame, cake stand and mason jars, but hubby is not feeling well, so will have to wait before I can complete the decor.

saw this cute thing on the internet and made one for the home

also added new ornaments for the tree this year

I stand in line for 40 minutes at the post office just to get my packages out, our post office here is so badly run, it has only one staff working now, even during holiday period, not only he take breaks as and when he likes, there were numerous time I went there and found out that they are on break, I even took a photo of their break time hanging outside the wall of the post office, but they never follow and just close the door whenever they like, I bought all my postal stamps and drop the cards in the mail box so I don't have to go to the post office for regular mails, but for overseas packages, I need a custom declaration form so I still have to wait in line to do that, sigh..... I am thinking what should I do next year?

This evening, we had the pleasure of having dinner with Ambassador of Singapore and the Consulate General, Ambassador Mirpuri made a official visit Las Vegas, it is nice for him to reach out and wanting to meet Singaporean living in this area, being the President of the club, I organized a dinner with him and the people.

This is Singapore Ambassador to the US Ambassador Ashok Kumar Mirpuri from D.C

and this is the Consulate General of Singapore Embassy in San Francisco Mr. Christopher Cheang.

December 12

Ever since we let Papi run free at our backyard, and didn't realize that he actually peep outside, he is now "back to the wild", I took him for his weekly walk today and he actually peep and poop on the side walk, my months of training all down to the drain, bad boy Papi!

December 13 

We came home and found out that Papi bite the plug of the christmas tree, oh no Papi, bad boy again!

December 14

I googled and fixed the plug of the christmas tree, oh I meant I googled "my dog bite the plug of the christmas tree" and read about how to fix it  and then get my hubby to do the job, LOL!
Fixed! Boo boo Papi!!!!

One more batch of cards and gifts out today, guess this is last for 2014, no more post office!

We went to the Michael Jackson ONE cirque show this evening, not our favorite even though it is their 2nd best seller for Cirque de Soleil

December 17

I am all excited that both my girls will be home tomorrow! I guess Papi is too!

December 18

Pick up Clare at the airport at 9 am, and then Dolce at 12:30 PM
I am happy they are home!!!!

December 19 

Dolce came along when Papi and I do our weekly walk this morning, it was cold and breezy.

and then Dolce and I clean the garage, found Dolce's first pair of glasses, and it fit Papi just right!

I also found a toy I bought for Dolce when we still living in New York City, Randy and I came to Las Vegas and I bought this soft toy for her, look who he looks like?

guess I already have a dream dog in mind long before Papi was even born, no wonder I fell in love with him at first sight when I first saw him at Pier one a year and a half ago.

Papi like to look out of the glass door, and now there are 3 of them, isn't this picture so precious?

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Michelle said...

Wonderful pages!
Your little pup is so cute. Even if he's a naughty boy. He's darling.

Donna C. said...

Olivia Newton John is not 76.

Charlene said...

Great pages!!! Papi is the cutest even when he's a bad boy lol

Tieva Design said...

Your daily-pages are awesome, love all the pictures.

Georgianna said...

Hello, dear Kristy!

Your December looks wonderful (minus the naughty doggy, lol!). The photos of you are beautiful, too. I wish you and your family a fantastic year ahead! xo

Anonymous said...

so wonderful pictures- thanks for sharing!

Greta said...

So many wonderful pictures, Kirsty! Oh that Papi! As we say here--"Good thing you're so cute!"

Juls said...

Fun photo's & pages :-) xx

Sigrids kreative ART said...

Wonderful photos.
I love Grease too :o)
And the idea with the red nose on the candle is fabulous!

Victoriya N said...

So nice stories! Papi wearing glasses is sooo cute, Kirsty! )))

Deb said...

Firstly, Happy New Year. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead. Your December Daily is looking fabulous. The photos of your Papi are just soooooooo cute. I love the one with the soft toy.......just adorable.
Thanks for sharing this with us at Let's December Daily.

Caz said...

Happy New Year :-) papi is so cute! I love your photos, so interesting!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love your PL pages!!! LOVING Papi in the glasses and with the stuffed toy "twin"!!!! And glad you liked Olivia!! So fun!!! I loved the Michael Jackson Cirque show ... of course, it's the only one I have ever been to ... lol!!!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Awesome! Love your PL pages and love all your stories!

Lynette Jacobs said...

Love getting a glimpse into your life. Great December daily spreads. You cannot tell me anything about Post Office service...ours were on strike for months and our parcels took 4 months to reach its destination.

Manuela said...

great post and photos from you all. Hope your Hubby is feeling better! Wonderful pages and so cute photos from Papi :-))

Deepti said...

Gorgeous photos and great post !

Lea said...

Love the pages! The dog is sooooo cute!

mandy- sea said...

oooh Kirsty! I love this post! Papi is so funny! Love the glasses, AND his little toy friend... how close in vision they are! Fabulous December Daily pages... my favourite is the three looking out the that IS precious!

Ros Crawford said...

What an exciting and busy month!! How lovely to have Dinner with the Ambassador! Lovely photos!! And I hear you about the post office ... Lots of our have closed down. I too loved the songs from Grease! Glad yo enjoyed your evening ... Papi is so cute! That toy dog sure looks like him.

Sylvia said...

Gorgeous photo's Kirsty, love the ones of your doggie!

dawn said...

Hello Kirsty,

I love reading about your PL, that Papi is always up to something. Our dog chewed through cords too, why do dogs chew on cords, you would think it would taste bad and hard. Glad you could fix yours.
Our post office was like that too, got me upset to see only one person working. During the holidays there should always be two working. We were lined up out the door.
Nice that you saw Olivia, she is pretty and Grease was one of my favorites.
Love the one of them looking through the door, so cute.
Your pages are great!
We just got tons of snow overnight and school is canceled for the day, YUCK!
I'm working on my 2015 PL, got the first week done and doing more today, YAY!
Have a great week!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Just love this photos, Kristy!

Julie said...

How cute are your Puppy photos just love the one with the glasses on. Your pages are looking great too.